Nerds seeking Geek

Us: An indépendant gaming company, specializing in live-action gaming events. New project starting soon, cost to be negotiated.
You: An App developer, experienced with both Mac and Android, looking for a freelance gig starting around May 1 and finishing early to mid Fall 2016, with possible longer term collaboration for upgrades and improvements.


You will work closely with the core members of our team to develop an app to be used both in and out of character around Utopia Descending events by game runners and players.

The app will work on a backbone of existing website management tools.
- Multiple levels of account access based on subscription level, purchased in-app.
- Links to social media
- Low level graphic design, based on available art and layout.

GM Dashboard: 
- Notifications pre and during an event to followers and attendants.
- Tracking of item creation, notification of completion
- Event creation and management

Player Dashboard:
- RSVP and character submission
- "Follow" sign-ups for both events and branches
- Barcode scanning to record values, generating GM specified lists of options
- Timed mini-games


Send inquires and applications to Please include resume and at least 2 references to past work