Spire: Aquarius

Star: Sadalsuud

Realm: The realm of the Spire of Sadalsuud lies within the unraveling of secrets, the discovery of new knowledge, and the identification and definition of the unknown through impartial and logical progress. The mind of the scientist, the thought process of the researcher, and the drive of an investigator all belong within the realm of the Spire of Sadalsuud. While many would argue that minds that rely on logic have no place in faith, those who value intelligence and logic leave offerings and prayers at shrines of Sadalsuud in private.


Colors: Sky Blue


Short Prayer: “All that is written was once discovered, and all that is an answer was once a question. As I rise in the morning allow me the focus of mind to question that which has been given to me as truth. As I walk in the day allow me the determination to discern fact from fallacy, truth from deceit, and right from wrong. As I rest in the evening let me rest knowing that while much I have learned, that the only truth I should hold dear is that I am wise for knowing nothing.”


Common affirmative phrase: “All was once written and will be written once more.”


Traditional offerings: Garnet, orchids, mirrored glass


Zealot Groups:

Alexandria’s Bookkeepers- Knowledge is power, and those that have devoted themselves as Alexandria’s Bookkeepers in the name of Sadalsuud see the accumulation as a divine act. Dressing in simple robes, these followers of Sadalsuud believe any knowledge that is learned must be shared. This does not sit well with the research and development departments of Mega-Corps looking to have an edge up on the competition, and it definitely does not sit well in regards to military secrets. Alexandria’s Bookkeepers will work endlessly to uncover secrets, to access information that has been forbidden from them, and devote themselves to providing this information to everyone and anyone.