Spire: Aries

Star: Hamal

Realm: Hamal oversees the spirit of the catalyst. Individuals looking for blessings in the eyes of this Spire are usually fore-runners, competitors, risk takers, and initiative makers, and leave offerings to the god Hamal in hopes of good results during missions and daily tasks. Warriors that are scouts, those that charge headlong to the vanguard, or are the most proactive tend to leave hefty offerings to the Spire Hamal. In the private sector, Hamal is often prayed to by people who take high risks for high rewards. Athletes, aggressive business leaders, and many politicians have shrines to Hamal with offerings left out.

Color: Red

Short Prayer: “Hamal, heart of Aries, hear my prayer. We here who seek to walk amongst you, to rise unto your likeness, to triumph where others would falter, make offerings of ourselves unto you. Let us have your blessings as we too would rise amongst the heavens, for those who would not climb in your image are doomed to never be blessed again by the heavenly bodies.”

Common affirmative phrase: “Be us in your favor.”

Traditional offerings: Diamonds, honeysuckle, affirmations of conquest, bars of iron.

Zealot Groups: Warriors of the Risen: The Warriors of the Risen, a sect of extremist Hamal worshipers, believe that in death they ascend to the heavens and accept their place among the deities. The Pillars who have taken the yoke of the Warriors of the Risen believe that one day they will fight and die in such glory that the will of Hamal will reach down from the heavens and prevent the rebirthing process.