Levels of Quality of Life

The following guide is a "top to bottom" basic guideline to the quality of life a Pillar can expect based on their rank. There are, of course, story circumstances and situations that can cause a Pillar to have a higher or lower quality of life based on items such as: successful product promotions, resource-based story arcs, having been recently demoted, approved backgrounds with wealthy connections, and high viewer standings (followings on the ARG aspect of the online Utopia Descending game).

These guidelines are to give players and staff a general guideline, not an etched in stone rule to follow, and should be adjusted based on the focus and theme of the local Utopia Descending game.  This ranking is completely focused on Corporate Military Life and does not represent ISTO ranking and standards. It should be considered that a Pillar that is signed to a corporation is considered property until achieving a rank of ER – 1. Pillars that do not have a Corporation, and are able to pay their own reanimation fees (average of 10 chits), must prove their worth for a minimum of 5 years before being eligible for ISTO status.  Corporate Pillars may not contract for ISTO status until ER-5.

Officer Ranks

OF - 10 / OF - 9

In an entire nation there are roughly one or two OF 9 or 10 per territory per corporation, with smaller countries having a single ER of this level overseeing entire clusters of multiple regions or countries. These Pillars do not interact directly with the outside and instead work through a select council of OF 8s that they have groomed. OF 10s are incredibly untrusting, work on intergalactic investment scale, and are the center of culture as we currently know it.

OF – 8 / OF - 7

In scope, OF 7&8 Pillars are more known as “concepts” instead of actual people you interact with. Knowing someone with ins with a Pillar of this standing is enough to place you in the highest rankings of power… and danger. Overseeing entire corporate lines, investing in the growth (or disaster) of entire nations, and never actually paying for anything ever again, Pillars of this Rank exist only in theory and only very rarely interact with anyone outside of their inner circles of power to control international interests. These Pillars are non-agency characters only, unless otherwise approved by the network.

OF – 6 / OF - 5

Crossing from mid to high OF ranks is similar to shifting from District Manager to a local Vice President of a region. Mid OF level Pillars no longer really have a concept of “cost” or relate to “money” but instead see life as favors, investments, growth opportunities, and a field of enemies with the name “friend.” With lives where entire smaller corporate entities respond to their engagement, most states only have a total of a dozen or two dozen officials at this rank. Those of OF 5 and above truly live like gods. If a player-driven Pillar achieves the rank of OF, that Pillar becomes part of a retirement plot where they become an off-scene Non Agency Character.

OF - 4 / OF – 3

If AS were trusted employees instead of property, and becoming OF means management, mid OF status is the “District Manager” rank of power where overseeing the finances of entire cities is day to day life. Mid OF level Pillars influence local corporate lines, sub-companies, and have enough power to get away with nearly any number of “crimes” without being judged by their corporation… if they still perform well.

OF – 2 / OF – 1

OF Rank means that you are enough of a trusted upper-thinking (and hungry) member of Pillar life that you no longer need to worry about things like “assignments,” “costs,” or “wants.” You now work on a near global scale where your investments are the names of small corporations, teams of Pillars, or influences and controls over territories. With great power comes great expectations.

Enlisted Ranks


ER - 10 / ER - 9

This is the highest Enlisted Rank a Pillar can maintain while not completely devoted to the eternal corporate life. Once a Pillar advances beyond E-10 their existence is defined as being a part of the living corporate organism. Pillars that are in the highest ER ranks are referred to as “demi-gods” where they are being groomed to either remain as they are to be a tool of the OF ranks or to be developed for promotion down the line. The highest Enlisted Rank is a dangerous place to be, as either permanent corporate promotion or downfall are very real potentials. This is the last rank where a Pillar can be chosen and agree to be a member of the ISTO.

ER – 8 / ER - 7

Pillars in this stratosphere of standing in Corporate life have not only invested and been invested into long enough to be among the most powerful people in the world, they have made enough long-standing deals with their corporation to normally insure they are incapable of leaving their corporation for any reason. This is when loyalty and development contracts are levered against the resources and worth that a Pillar provides. It is not impossible for a Pillar to change corporations or become a member of the ISTO at this point, however doing so without making an eternal enemy of their parent corporation is nearly unheard of.

ER – 6 / ER - 5

This stratus of ER rank Pillars are the pawns of the shapers and movers of reality as we know it, and in their time have developed a frighteningly wide array of connections, influence, favors, and blackmail on some of the most powerful people in the world. At the rank of ER 5 Pillars are considered “invested” enough that contracting becomes as much the the Pillar’s decision as the corporation’s inherit control. Due to the wealth and riches offered and power that Pillars have developed to reach this rank, very few Pillars are willing to have major changes in their growth. This point is, however, the first legal time when a Pillar who has signed to a corporation has enough legal self-identity to handle their standing to leave corporate life completely and become an ISTO member.

ER – 4 / ER - 3

Enlisted Rank on this scale is where most regional or national “corporate face representatives” stand. When you no longer are a Pillar ensuring the interests of the corporation’s products and growth, and instead become the embodiment of a corporation’s products and growth… you have started to live a life that is part of the corporate organism. While there is limitless wealth and freedom at this rank, all eyes are on you. Failure at this rank and above does not mean demotion, it instead means that you permanently die a martyr in a way that furthers the corporation’s interests.

ER - 2 / ER – 1

Enlisted Rank means that not only were you an amazing and reliable asset, but the corporation believes that you are as invested in the corp’s future as they are with yours. At ER ranking you understand the cost of everything from a macro scale, and are given a wide birth of power for investment and decisions… with the understanding that with this wide birth of power comes high scrutiny. ER ranks is where real corporate espionage and power plays kick in as part of day to day life. At ER 1 a Pillar stops being property and starts becoming “a contracted and enlisted employee.” Once an ER, ER -1 is the lowest rank you can be demoted to without causing such egregious harm as to be demoted to be an indebted and owned “asset” again.


UD GUY.jpeg



AS - 10 / AS - 9

“Groomed for godhood” is the term mostly used to describe the highest “asset” ranks. The corporations start asking your input on what direction you would like to see yourself, and others, go. This is when you have homes around the world and become a part of the secret debaucherous events that the majority of the world doesn’t even get to hear about. At AS 9 Pillars are assigned teams to assist their needs.

AS - 8 / AS -7

This is the first stratus where we see the difference between human and pillar standards. Most human super stars and financial moguls do not live this well. These Pillars have input on which assignments they take within the scope of what the corporation would like from them, and the corporation starts investing in their health and safety above others.

AS - 6 / AS - 5

This is high-class living by human standards. Connections with the rich and famous, high end promotion pictures, and world travel all become a part of this Pillar’s life. In addition, standard “work” responsibilities become less often. Pillars also have more control over their own life within the structure of what suits their corporation’s interests.

AS - 4 / AS - 3

This is a basic working class that includes an apartment or house shared by multiple people, and privately owned transportation of high quality. There are also some “ins” with your chosen field. With that said, there is very little control over assignments, work, and expectations. 

AS - 2 / AS - 1

This is basic boot camp life. Living standards are akin to a poor college student, or you can save money by living outside of “safe” territories. You are supplemented by corporate product. This tier includes almost no control over assignments or details of life. When they say shit rolls downhill, you are where it lands.


All expenses for a non-corporate sponsored Pillar must be paid for privately. With resurrection costs being roughly 10 Chit to start (increasing each time after), many Pillars find themselves becoming a member of a Corporation once their resurrection bill has been paid for by a willing company.

In addition to personal active costs, life is difficult for the non-corporate sponsored. Pillars are legally required to reside within "Areas defined as contained sectors or lost territories" by UN ISTO guidelines. With the vast majority of properties within lost territories owned, or sponsored by, one corporation or another most Pillars who are not corporate sponsored live in bulk homes, shady areas, are homeless, or live beyond the defensive walls in the edge of the Lost Territories. Living beyond the wall means most if not all day to day resources, goods, and materials are beyond the scope of what a Nil ranked Pillar can expect.

With the hardships comes opportunity and freedom, however. Nil - Zero Pillars, after serving their required service in an area for 5 years, are able to become quick-listed into the ISTO. Because of this fast track, often times the ISTO groom Nil-Zero Pillars for as long as they can on their own limited income.