Begin at the beginning

Before you start making your character, take a few moments to check out your local games web page. On that web page you will find sheets that explicitly state the focuses of the game, what props the game will provide for you, the overall duration of the game, as well as a list of game content and intent focuses. Many of our games may use online submission forms which will make the creation of your character so much easier. 

There are a number of items that Game Organizers would like to know about your character, and you should know about your character, that you don’t need to carry around as a mechanics card. These items are used for the purposes of plot, for adding more dimension to your character, as well as part of the “macro-economics” mechanic of the game (see the macro-economic section if you want to learn more about that).

These items can either be filled out on our online form BEFORE coming to game (if the game provides one) or you can fill them out before checking in for the first time. These items not only function as a background but also have some story-related mechanical effects. The primary items that the staff need for your character are:

Character name: What name were you born with, or what call sign do you use? 

Nation of birth: Any nation is acceptable; however, characters that are designed as gross ethnic stereotypes will not be allowed in game.  

Corporation– Your Corporation represents what financial organization or group you represent in the Lost Territories. These corporations and organizations often compete with one another for control of artifacts, equipment, resources, and control of each Lost Territory. While each territory is a UN base of operations, each corporation has invested in partial ownership of the terrain. There are promises of huge payouts to companies that find ways to produce more efficient means of dealing with the Old Ones; in addition, there’s the possibility of harvesting new technologies from the creatures that come through these portals. A list of all major players in the Corporations and Organizations category can be found in the Corporations and Organizations section. Please be aware that once a player chooses a corporation or organization, a player cannot willingly leave. 

Modern Religion or Philosophy – Real world religions are a sensitive subject for many people (history can tell us that), but also provides us incredible role-play opportunities. To accommodate both the very human drive of religion, and to offer a way to play with these concepts without invading real world beliefs, a polytheistic culture has been created based on the stars and gods represented by them. It is common for people to pray to appropriate gods given the focus of the prayers. In addition, it is not unheard of for individuals or families to become more dedicated to one deity over another. 

Reason for choosing to join the Lost Territories (100 characters or less): What was it that made you want to join the efforts at the Lost Territories? Were you exceptionally skilled and wanted to help humanity? Perhaps you were terminally ill and the potential of immortality was undeniable. Was your DNA activated when the Looking Glass Rifts opened, or was your latent DNA stimulated later in a corporate owned laboratory?