बिल्ली कंपनी              

(bil-laa nigham)            

Main Corporate Office: New Delhi, India

Click here to reach the   बिल्ली कंपनी    Facebook Media Page for company news.

Click here to reach the बिल्ली कंपनी Facebook Media Page for company news.

बिल्ली कंपनी was born from the technology boom that started in 2010 in New Delhi. Originally a series of new technology and software development companies, बिल्ली कंपनी began making its first steps into the mega-corporation age with the acquisition of a number of business and personal use software and technologies companies. Within a few years, बिल्ली कंपनी was facing down anti-monopoly lawsuits, encouraging corporate interests in the global political market, and found itself both ally and enemy to a number other large corporate groups.

बिल्ली कंपनी was one of the first companies to skirt around the original laws preventing privatized corporate militaries and interest enforcement by building a drone-based security division. These drones, while functional, caused a number of injury and damages lawsuits due to accidental deaths and injuries in “company security activities.” While most personal claims were small fiscal drops in the bucket, the ongoing growth of dissent and financial repercussions encouraged बिल्ली कंपनी to support other mega-corporations in creating the “Military Privatization Act.”

Now बिल्ली कंपनी is not only at the forefront of telecommunication and data retrieval software for Lost Territory use, but also has developed a series of privatized communities that exist under corporate law outside of any countries’ laughable jurisdiction. These flotilla mega-cities, marketed as privatized heavens of safety, offer all बिल्ली कंपनी products within their borders. All food, entertainment, education, medicine, and even construction comes directly from बिल्ली कंपनी. Using their own localized currency, and having living employment contracts, dissenters of the बिल्ली कंपनी settlements claim these new cities are just a new form of indentured servitude. बिल्ली कंपनी rebukes these claims pointing out the completely voluntary nature of joining these settlements, and the long waiting list of people wanting to be a part of the बिल्ली कंपनी brand of tomorrow.

Subsidiary Companies and Interests:

You-Star Media – You star media took reality television to the next level, and completely owned the entertainment market of the world for a number of years. Reality TV was a phenomenon that allowed show developers to navigate around writer unions by hosting “competitions” and recording these reality dramas within a house-setting sound stage. You-Star Media took things to the next level by allowing people to pay to become participants or stars of their own single episode or ongoing promotional programming. The best part about You-Star Media is that it required no sets or sound stages, as You-Star Media would create entertaining experiences in a person’s day to day life and then broadcast it. Would-be stars and wannabe celebrities literally paid to be monetized. Now the Lost Territories are the hottest show than EVERYONE watches, and even other companies look to get their corporate Pillars on air time.

Moreish Munchies – Moreish Munchies produce all food and health-related products that can be sold in बिल्ली कंपनी properties. Combining a controlled market environment with low production costs, the Moreish Munchies brand of products is bartered for around the world. This is likely due to the fact that food and drug restrictions are much more lax in बिल्ली कंपनी private territories, allowing for “harmless” addictive chemicals and emotion enhancers to be in every bit of Moreish Munchies. Moreish Munchies: Gotta Get Some.
मुस्कान (muskaan) – मुस्कान makes smiles appear! मुस्कान produces all forms of home electronics, corporate use electronics, and specialized private sector technologies. From hospital equipment to your child’s toy car, if it lets people smile, chances are good it has मुस्कान technology inside.