Spire: Cancer

Star: Al Tarf
Realm: Al Tarf oversees the diplomats, politicians, and acts of calculated mediation. Al Tarf is the Spire that brings peace to troubled areas, moderation to zealots, calm to an area filled with strife, and communication between those that would stand as bitter rivals. Al Tarf allows the whole to remain, and prevents the extremes of the universe from causing reality to crash out of control.
In the private sector, Al Tarf is given offerings from politicians, lawyers, and those who work in emergency response. Those who wish to see the extremes brought back to normalcy, and to advert crisis, keep shrines to Al Tarft.

Colors: Violet

Short Prayer: “Al Tarft, bless me with your calm, hear my prayer. Allow the hearts of the most vile be calmed, may the heat within our minds be cooled, and allow us to see the tranquility and peace within the moderation of excess. Allow your wisdom to bring us to center, your patience to bring us to understanding, and your endurance the ability to weather any storm.” 

Common affirmative phrase: “And this too shall pass.”

Traditional offerings: Emeralds, larkspur, incense and meditation, bars of silver

Zealot Groups:
The Silent – An extremist religious sect that is devoted in finding balance in all things, embracing near nihilistic internalized contemplation, and seeking the active destruction of exterior stimuli that manipulate and control the “subconscious of humanity.” As can be guessed, the Silent are one of the least-liked organizations in the world in the eyes of most Mega-Corporations. If not undermining mass media, performing industrial terrorism, or even performing assassinations to “free the collective mind of the masses,” this organization has taken a very unnatural stance against mass media-controlled sources.