Spire: Capricorn

Star: Capricorni

Realm: The Spire of Capricorni oversees the realms of history, tradition, and resources. Not limited to simple physical wealth, the Spire of Capricorni has been known to be associated with abundance, physical superiority, as well as primal charisma. Within the Lost Territories those looking to gain some favor in the eyes of the sponsors and home viewers will give heavily to the shrines of Capricorni. Every corporation, regardless of its primary focus, has at least one massive shrine to Capricorni in each office center.

In the private sector, the Spire of Capricorni has shrines kept by those who seek to find success in business, family, and the public eye. In addition to the more earnest shrines to the Spire of Capricorni, many young suitors tend to both make tributes to Capricorni before a night out as well as leave trophies and thanks after a successful night on the town.


Colors: Deep Blue


Short Prayer: “To Capricorni! May our families always be healthy, may our coffers always be filled, and may our glasses never be empty. May the bounty of the harvest always smile upon those in our heart. May our love, our journeys, and our rests be blessed by the all loving Capricorni!”


Common affirmative phrase: “To wealth, to health, to Capricorni!”


Traditional offerings: Ruby, carnations, sage bundles, zinc 


Zealot Groups:

Zurich Tenders – The devoted worshipers of Capricorni known as the Zurich Tenders are not just “a” neutral third party, but are “the” very definition of a neutral third party. The Zurich Tenders oversee financial transactions, dedicate their lives and their souls to the commerce on scale with Mega-Corp transactions, and seek to ensure that all business transactions are conducted 100% to the letter of the agreement. Zurich Tenders believe that overseeing the wealth, commerce, agreements, and trades of conflicting organizations is a glimpse into the true divinity of man. Each transaction of hearth and wealth brings them closer to divinity. With this religious zealotry to ensure all matters are handled correctly, the Zurich Tenders have no limitations or degrees they will not go to in guaranteeing the conclusion of a proper “transaction.”