Character Creation is simple.

Any item that has a specific mechanic that is important to the game is provided to you on a “character card” which is a literal plastic card with all of your available skills on it. While there are things that your local Game Organizers need to record for plot and story reasons, the items that you carry on your person are the mechanical skills related to your character that may need to be accessed at any time. These cards are designed to look like security clearance cards, so, when a Quartermaster (staff member) wants to check to make sure your character is capable of doing a particular action they will say "Let me see your clearance". 

For the items that are not on your character card, but are recorded by your local staff, these are recorded to assist Game Organizers with writing plot that involves your character. In addition, the decisions you make in regards to your character help define your character’s origins, personality, and overall starting outlook on life.
However, don’t get too stressed about choosing exactly what you find interesting to start. If you find that at the first event the Profession you chose doesn’t match the style of play you are looking for, you can change your profession cards at the next event.

Instead of recording exactly what profession cards you have, we record your “Pillar,” “Non-Card Details,” and the number of profession cards you have unlocked. At each event, you can choose different profession combinations to ensure that the character you are playing is the character you feel like playing this month. While your character itself does not change (unless you register that you want to start a new character) you can “retrain” between events.

To create a character, simply follow the three links provided on this page in order. First you must start at the beginning, then go on till you come to the end, then stop. It will walk you through the three step process of things you should consider when making a character. Each of these links will open in a new tab or window.

3 Step Character Creation.