Компания моржа     

(Morž com-pany-ye)  

Main Corporate Office: Moscow, Russia

Click here to reach the  КОМПАНИЯ МОРЖА  Facebook Media Page for company news.

Click here to reach the КОМПАНИЯ МОРЖА Facebook Media Page for company news.

Компания моржа began as a privately owned investment group in 1990 who invested heavily in oil, gas, commercial and investment banking, insurance, retail trade, telecommunications, and insurance companies. By the turn of the century Компания моржа had a portfolio that included a number of European banks, American Insurance companies, and technologies holdings in Germany and Iceland. While limited in tangible production assets, Компания моржа had a basis in what all mega-corporations needed to exist: money. Prior to the first opening of the dimensional rifts, Компания моржа had begun buying chunks of debt accrued by countries and making millions on interest rates alone.

In the expansion of mega-corporations into the new fields of world defense, technologies reclamation, and privatized space development Компания моржа knew that they needed more of a direct influence and control in modern markets. Their past technique of controlling financial transactions was sound as long as they had possession of influences in all markets that transactions occur. The decision for heavy attention on Lost Territory reclamation came at the first reports of “alien” artifacts and gold being recovered from rift territories.

What was to come next made all other Mega-Corps stop and pay immediate attention to Компания моржа. With the acceptance of the “Military Privatization Act”, Компания моржа began buying up what was once outlined as national level resources. The largest of these actions was the acquisition of the entire Russian Spetsnaz Special Forces program as well as a number of nuclear resources that had been “lost” after the cold war. These resources, technologies, and training programs would ensure that Компания моржа resources and interests would be at the front line of every Lost Territory.

Subsidiary Companies and Interests:

Eternal Health Programs:
The Developers of most modernly used nanotechnologies, Eternal Health Programs developed many of the key components that are used in the resurrection and rebuilding chambers used in day to day Pillar life. While there is much in the way of debate over who developed the software that allows remote storing and processing of living memories and sensations into an individual (a lurid story that involves cross mega-corporation espionage), without a doubt Eternal Health Programs has etched a corner stone in resurrection hardware technologies.

Жемчуг (zhemchug) – Life is a rich, full, oyster just waiting to be opened. This is the motto of the Жемчуг. Overseeing European markets for investment, retirement plans, as well as youth rejuvenation programs. Жемчуг has used their advancements in nanotechnologies and cloning to be able to produce a newer, younger, physical you. By simply taking a genetic sample of yourself, producing a younger clone version of yourself which is then put through accelerated development programming, and then your consciousness is downloaded into your waiting body. Always wanted those 6-pack abs but never wanted to do a sit-up? Reaching old age and want another stab at life? While it costs a high premium, Жемчуг can provide you a pearl of opportunity.


Плотник (plotnik) – If you are looking for massive military hardware, look for the Плотник brand name. Born out of the former Russian military program, Плотник produces some of the most widely used land, air, and space combat technologies. From armored personnel carriers to ion demolitions packs, Плотник is the name you can trust when looking to build a modern military of the future.