The Contradiction of Living

Life in the Lost Territories is a strange contradiction of terms at times.

There is the ever growing threat of world annihilation that can take any number of forms coming through the “Looking Glass”, or rifts, that regularly appear in the Lost Territories. However, this sense of pending mortality is sometimes lost. This is due to the fact that, for all intents and purposes, the Pillars who are assigned to the Lost Territories are immortal. As long as a Pillar is within a few dozen miles of a Resurrection Chamber, their consciousness can be transferred and their bodies regrown.

While Pillars are effectively immortal while they are inside the range of Resurrection Chambers, each newly built body costs a Mega-Corporation a large volume of expensive and limited resources. With this in mind, individuals who die “too often” may not be funded by their Mega-Corporation for being Resurrected. In addition, while the fear of “bad performance reviews” are on the mind of most Pillars, there are other concerns related to death and being rebuilt. What if a mission is too far away from the Resurrection Chambers? What if you die outside of range? The highest paying jobs are normally the furthest from the chambers. And when you die, your mind isn’t quite right for a while. You hear whispers and have thoughts that aren’t your own. Plus, the process is incredibly painful and leaves the individual unsure in regards to “what is me, and what is not”.

Pillars are fighting for the freedom and survival of all humanity. Pillars unto themselves are considered property of MegaCorporations after the first time they die and their Mega-Corporation builds a new body in the Resurrection Chambers. Once a Pillar has been regrown, they technically have no rights as a citizen.

Pillars are representatives of their Mega-Corporations as well as elite combatants on the front lines of extinction. With this in mind, competition between corporations and incentives to excel (often at the expense of other corporations) are high. However, there are only a limited number of people who understand what it is that the Pillars deal with on a day-to-day basis, so Pillars assigned to the Lost Territories gain bonds with one another via experience, professional respect, and faith. While the Mega-Corporations that invest and own the Pillars want their Pillars to be loyal to their corporation above all else, the fact is that bonds are made cross-corporation all the time.

The interests of keeping the world alive are militaristic in nature, but are funded and operated by private Mega-Corporations. These Mega-Corporations want to generate as much revenue and collect as much in the way of resources as possible. To succeed in these endeavors, Pillars are expected to not only be efficient war-time machines but also be able to present themselves in a way that is suitable for “Reality TV.” Hidden cameras, visible cameras, and drones will often observe the Pillars so that the people back home can feel comfortable knowing the names and faces that are fighting for the future of humanity. With this sort of global attention, adding product placement opportunities for subsects of the Mega-Corporations is vital.

Combat almost always happens outside the center of the bases that are built in the Lost Territories. However, there are times when the threat hits closer to home. Having a sense of safety, while still knowing that things could come into your home, causes waves of comfort and discomfort with the Pillars assigned to Lost Territories.