Corporate Advancement

While working as property of a corporation, advancement is slow but meaningful. Rising in the ranks of one’s mega-corporation means a higher degree of responsibility, more decision making opportunities, as well as the ability to organize troops in the field (within your own corporation). 

Advancement is often due to a combination of great performance and time served. Yearly reviews are held for all corporation members who have served a certain number of months at the local Lost Territory. While it is incredibly rare, extremely well performing assets may find themselves advanced outside the realm of yearly reviews.

During periods of time when a staff member performs exceptionally poorly, costs a corporation opportunities, or costs their company resources, it is possible for an Asset Resources manager (agents from corporate home offices) to demote assets in the field. Field Assets start as AS-1 and can rise in ranks to AS-10 via work. Advancing from AS-10 to ER-1 occurs by appointment (and a fair share of performance and politicking). OF ranks are primarily found away from theaters of operation and either are based on travel assignment or in home corporate offices. OF-10 assets often work directly for boards of directors or CEOs of companies.