Many things changed after the opening of the Looking Glass Rifts. 

Many things changed for the worse. Corporate ownership grew to overcome the political voices of the people. Entire swaths of the world were shattered or swallowed by the damage created by the Looking Glasses. The threats that poured into the world were horrific, deadly, and seemingly insurmountable. 

During this initial period of death and destruction humanity made huge advances forward in technology, culture, and social norms.

The following are the standards of the Utopia Descending universe for role-play and plot purposes. These standards are considered canon for how players interact with one another, how players and plot interact with one another, and how to properly represent cultural changes in the modern altered world of Utopia Descending.

  • Technology has advanced to amazing new levels, but, available technology is completely based on the degree of investment a corporation has in an area. 
  • Drone Racing is the number one global sports-entertainment pastime. The second and third most popular sports-entertainment pastimes are battle drones and a sport called Tiercel. Tiercel involves stun batons, a heavy sphere shaped ball, a vertical triangle of baskets, and much in the way of physical brutality.   
  • The gender pronouns of he, she, his, hers are by default replaced with "Sie" (pronounced zee) unless specifically told to address someone by a different pronoun. The influence of German culture on the world during the initial years following the Looking Glass events has introduced some language standards from their culture. "Sie" is a formal and gender-less way of referring to an individual, and, is the assumed default. The introduction of truly non-gender and non-organic lifeforms was enough to make culture move forward. Once a person has become connected with someone enough for them to say "please call me he, she, they" then the language of "Sie" is lost. There is a degree of formality that comes from not wanting to accidentally wrongly gender identify a Pillar that could throw a bus through a sky scraper.   
  • Sexuality is not a focus of shame or pride, but simply just is a part of life. With a world petering on the edge of destruction unified culture as a whole became much more understanding of a-sexual living, monogamous living, open relationships, and poly-amorous living.
  • Gender and Gender Freedom is widely accepted. Gender and birth sexuality are not deemed one and the same, and, people are able to identify as they see fit.
  • The modern diet is much more vegetable focused with only occasional meat products. A more sustainable diet was needed to survive the damage and chaos of the modern day. Liquid diets that consist of all needed nutrients and needs are standard in many areas.  
  • Race is defined as "Human" or "Pillar". Definitions based on regional or cultural centers was abandoned.
  • Pillars and the public are, but default, pro-corp. The world would have collapsed if it were not for the involvement of these mega-corps. Pillars found to be anti-corp are not funded, and quickly find that their corporate funded lives do not need reanimation.