Utopia Descending is breaking a lot of traditions when it comes to LARP system design.

   First of all, Utopia Descending is using a 3 tier system in regards to both Pillars and Costume to allow new players an easier time to try out the game world. Each Pillar is designed with three variants, and within those variants the mechanical design of each Pillar option is the same. The three Pillar tiers are tier 1: limited makeup and accessories, tier 2: moderate makeup and detailed accessories, and tier 3: prosthetic application, intense makeup, and high detailed accessories. Why the three tiers? This allows players to design their character costume and kit to match their personal finances, their character kit makeup, and their style of play to match their own abilities and desires for both a character and experience. Tier 3 character uses prosthetic applications and a high degree of makeup. With that, players who adorn such a high level of materials may prefer role-play, economic, and research/discovery plot zones. Players who enjoy more action, adventure, and combat who want to spend most of their time away from the inner zones may want to do lighter and less encumbering costume to allow for faster paced combat experiences (and to prevent your makeup from sweating off).

   Secondly, Utopia Descending is using a super fast and super light character system designed to augment your own real abilities without causing players to become bogged down in "simulation" style rule design. Our design goal is to have rule-book mechanics be so simple that after a 5 minute video a brand new participant could be a master of the rules.

  Thirdly, Utopia Descending is designed to add layers of augmented gaming experiences. Flight simulators, video screen augmented skill experiences, and augmented reality experiences for subscription games are just the start. In addition to the ability to add all of these experiences to the Utopia Descending experience, Utopia Descending encourages players to build online databases and blogs to share information. With varied experiences happening at different games, this information may not always be identical (and this is explained as being a benefit in the world materials) it does allow for any research focused players to be able to become directly involved in the ongoing stories and plots of both local games as well as subscription based games. Collaboration builds connections, and connections build friendships; so lets encourage players to collaborate to build resource libraries for all to see.

  Continuing with the augmented gaming experience, Utopia Descending reward players who embrace the spirit of community and hobby promotion. Characters in the Utopia Descending universe are not only the only line of defense between the other-worldly threats beyond the Looking Glass Rifts, but they are property of one of a number of Mega-Corps. These Mega-Corps have resources that grown and diminish based on players activities, and, when players suffer deaths it is the Mega-Corps that have to pay remarkable funds to reanimate player characters. These funds need to be replaced so players will not only have to fight the threats out on the third ring, but also work marketing into their daily routine. Combining one part "reality TV" entertainment, one part product placement, and one part industrial espionage into the day to day lives of the Pillars and you have a number of opportunities for players to take the initiative. Recording personal videos, generating followers on video feeds, producing Mega-Corp advertisements, and getting their sponsored products into the public's eye will not only help the Character and the Mega-Corp, but also the game as a whole. 

   Lastly, Utopia Descending is using a three zone system to allow players to choose what kind of experience they are looking for in their day event. With the ability to focus heavily on heading to the third ring for combat and adventure scenarios, staying on the second ring for support and resource management stories, and remaining in the first ring for emotional and role-play driven experiences Utopia Descending allows players to shift their character and their experience based on their own wants and desires event by event instead of character by character.