Homo prognatus extrarius, “outerborn”

It is no accident that humanity’s concept of “heaven” involves looking up beyond the sun and into the
glittering depths of a quadrillion stars. For as long as there has been religion, there has been wonder about beings from beyond the ken of mankind: Do they exist? Are they the messengers of God, or do they seek to do us harm? Do they notice us at all? The Eternaborne are the legacy of those which come from beyond the stars. Highly
religious and faithful to their metahuman origins, they are the root of the Spires. They toil in places where magic
grows in order to join Earth with the heavens above – although it is unlikely that any heaven beyond the horizon is
any kind of paradise.

Voyager: “Wide Eyed.”
A Voyager is exactly that – a metahuman on the beginning stages of a journey into knowledge and understanding far beyond the scope of mere humanity and the shackles of Earth. Alien beings from other realms, angels and demons from the other side of death, and the great, crawling unknowable creatures sleeping beneath the darkest places in the oceans and the crust of the planet are all sources of wisdom for a Voyager eager to join their earthly vessel to the great souls of the stars. Most Voyagers, steeped in the arcane and the occult, have shed their sanity in lesser or greater degrees, as their human-like brains struggle to come to grips with the awesome and terrible truths of the depths of the universe.

Xenosapient: “All Seeing.”
Xenosapients bridge the gap between the clay of the Earth and the mysteries of the stars, and their bodies and minds echo the truths they embody. A Xenosapient still appears human, but somehow inhuman – elongated features, impossibly large or unearthly shaped eyes, or redundant pieces of human or animal body that repeat themselves like a biological overflow error. Xenosapients strive for greater knowledge and are known for obsessive fixation; they are at peace with the things they learn and the changes being made to their ever-more-alien bodies, but by no earthly metric could they be considered sane.

Starspawn: “Broken Horizon.”
Starspawn are the ultimate realization of the stars aligning and the release of magic into what was once a rational and definable world. To look upon a Starspawn is to watch reality splinter like light through a prism; to listen to one speak is to hear the words of creation, scrawled upon the soul and understood without ever having learned the language. Starspawn have bodies more suited for other worlds – squamous and tentacular, bulbous and wildly-colored, winged and finned and mouthed. It is scarcely possible to command the will of a Starspawn away from its servitude to the Spires and the realms beyond; one can merely hope that they happen to leave progress in their wake.

Common Aspects:
The Eternaborne are deeply and fundamentally religious, and share an inhuman focus on what lies beyond. To them, the Spires and their teachings are not “faith” – they are absolute, measurable facts, whispered to their souls from somewhere deep in their DNA. Their bodies and minds are extraterrestrial in nature, and they glide through the world as if it were merely a dream. It is speculated that an Eternaborne’s body is in some way extradimensional and unknowable to human and metahuman minds; what one sees when looking upon an Eternaborne is the brain’s attempt to make visual sense of the untranslatable nonsense that is the outer reaches of the universe.

Voyager – Voyagers are almost indistinguishable from normal humans, both in terms of appearance and
temperament. The primary distinguishing characteristics of a Voyager are a keen intellect and a desire for wisdom
and knowledge, and an obsession with learning and preaching the “truth,” whatever that truth might be. A person
attempting to describe a Voyager would almost certainly focus on describing the face and head: bright, wide eyes,
tall forehead, thin cheekbones, full lips. Looking at a Voyager is looking past their flesh, directly at their soul. This can be represented through makeup, hair color, and contact lenses that appear striking but not inhuman.

Xenosapient – A Xenosapient is clearly delineated from their other Eternaborne brethren by remaining human,
but somehow “more human than human.” Sometimes, they take the form of alien beings, with domed foreheads,
unearthly, elongated limbs, and enormous black eyes; otherwise, they appear to be seraphic, with third eyes,
wings, and glowing or even flaming limbs. Xenosapients should continue the theme of being face and headoriented,
especially to distinguish themselves from other Pillars that also have wings or multiple human body
parts. Clothing that depicts and celebrates the Spire or Spires that the Xenosapient celebrates are extremely

Starspawn – More than any other Pillar, and any other sub-category, the Starspawn appear to be actual monsters.
Starspawn’s bodies reflect the fact that their origins are not of this Earth – the fact that they are at all bipedal and humanoid is the only vestige of their human DNA that remains under a morass of parts meant for the bottom of the ocean, the crawling darkness beneath the surface, or the icy depths of outer space. Tentacles, fins, many mouths, lack of eyes, or even biomechanical apparatuses like wheels might make up any individual Starspawn, but each is unique – after all, there are many more places in the universe that are not on Earth than there are places that are on Earth.

Mechanical Focus:
Eternaborne - For the purpose of using higher grade equipment, all Eternaborne are considered to have one
level higher of the skill Piloting than their total card set. If the Eternaborne has zero uses of the skill, they are considered to have zero and not one.