Spire: Gemini

Star: Castor

Realm: Castor oversees and inspires the free thinkers, the creatives, and those that aspire to approach situations from outside the box. The realm of Castor is the creative, the risk taker, and the non-conformist. Castor does not have much sway in the lives of more traditional combatants; however, Castor tends to have shrines that are linked closer to the passions and inspirations of the people who have become the Pillars at the Lost Territories. In the private sector, Castor is often given offerings from creatives in need of a muse, free thinkers who have found themselves forced within confinement, unrequited lovers, or creators who push the limits of innovation.

Color: Yellow

Short Prayer: “Castor, you of wisdom, hear my prayer. Allow my mind to see what the world yet cannot, allow me to comprehend what is incomprehensible, and allow me to feel and know what the world has yet been able to experience. With your guidance allow me to see the path that has yet to be forged, the road that is not paved, and the horizon that has not yet been reached.”

Common affirmative phrase: “Speak to us, we are listening.”

Traditional offerings: Agate, lavender, burnt prayers, vial of quicksilver

Zealot Groups: Intimate Infinite – The extremist devotees to Castor known as the Intimate Infinite believe in finding the newest, best, and most extreme forms of experience possible. When the Looking Glasses opened, the horizons of understanding and experience were pushed beyond any mortal understanding. The Intimate Infinite embrace dangerous, new, and uncharted territories simply to expand the comprehension of humanity in the name of Castor.