General Rules:


1.       If something seems unsafe, players may call the word “hold”. Hold is a localized term which means that people within line of site or hearing of where the hold is called must stop play until safety is reinstated. In the instance that a hold is called, a staff member or volunteer will determine what needs to occur to ensure that play can safely continue.

2.       Person to person contact mid conflict is not allowed. You may not grab onto, hold, strike, or otherwise physically handle another player unless using contact safe items.

3.       All PC characters within the world of Utopia Descending have modified nano-technology “health devices” implanted within their body. This advancement of technology means that if an individual is wounded, and the machines are allowed 10 minutes of uninterrupted stationary rest, that the wounded individual will be mended. Due to this advancement and the advancement in hyper-deadly weaponry, armor has become nearly irrelevant.

4.       If you are struck in the same limb (arm or leg) 3 times during a combat with either a melee weapon or a firearm, that arm must go limp and no longer be used. If you continue to be struck in the same limb beyond three times in a combat, every strike past the 3 counts as a torso shot. After every successful hit you are required to role-play having been struck with either a wince of pain or a verbal cry to denote that you have counted the hit. If a person is allowed 10 minutes of interrupted stationary rest, this count is restarted. Even a limb that has been completely ruined is allowed a full 10 minutes where the wounded character uses no skills and is allowed 10 minutes of rest (nothing more than a slow walk) the limb will repair.

      5.       If you are struck in the torso five times with either a melee weapon or a firearm you must fall to the       ground dying and act as if your character is dying. This is a state known as ‘bleed-out’. If a person is           allowed 10 minutes of interrupted stationary rest, this count is restarted.

6.       If your character falls to the ground dying, you have 5 minutes in the state of ‘bleed-out’ to be assisted by someone with a skill which will prevent character death. You may scream and call for help when you are on the ground, and you must role-play being in mortal agony.

7.      If you are struck while on the ground in a state of ‘bleed-out’, your character has suffered character death. You should then wait until the scene around you has settled itself as to not disrupt the other players, or, wait 10 minutes. During your time as a corpse your body may be brought to the reanimation chamber to speed up the process of your characters return to the world of the living, or, at the end of 10 minutes you may walk out of character to the reanimation chamber. All Service Bound items on a person travel to the reanimation chamber with a player. Any non-Service Bound items may be taken from a corpse, or, are dropped at the location where a corpse fell. Items dropped beyond a Gate are considered lost forever.