Homo prognatus gigas, “giantborn”

Giantkin are the direct descendants of the Giants of old – massive, often colossal men and women who,
in every human culture, built legend and myth around themselves simply by existing. They are the most “human”
of the Pillar metahumans, and throughout history have stayed close to humanity, forging modern tall tales by
virtue of being who they are.

Ogre: “Bone Breakers.”
Tattooed and clad in intimidating clothing that emphasizes their sheer physicality, ogres
bear outlandish, eye-catching hairstyles and/or piercings. They are boisterous and loud, and naturally draw others
to their lead by sheer force of personality. Ogres are the most “human” of all of the Pillar metahumans, with very
little in the way of physical difference other than sheer size or strength.

Goliath: “Mountain Movers.”
They wear little in the way of clothing, preferring simple outfits that are easy to
move around in. Goliaths have exaggerated human features that tend toward bestial, ape-like ugliness, like a
stereotypical “caveman.” They represent the concept of humanity as savage predators, who revel in the ferocity
of battle and disdain the trappings of civility. Goliaths are more at home tearing flesh from bones over a hastily
erected bonfire than surrounding themselves with walls, warmth, and other, weaker people.

Titan: “Earth Shakers.”
Walking gods as understood by primitive people. These beings consider themselves to
be the harbingers of the earth’s will and expect to be worshipped by their lesser (everyone). Titans are chimeric
in form, often beautiful in appearance, and are all the more terrible and otherworldly for it. Titans exist for a
Purpose, whatever that purpose may be, and they can and will do everything in their power to accomplish their

Common Aspects:
All giantkin revolve their lives around the concept of “largeness,” meant in a metaphysical
sense, and will fill a room with their will and personality. They naturally take to being the center of attention (or creating that attention in the first place), and make excellent, charismatic leaders. They are connected to the
concept of chaos and destruction as a primeval force, and feel that making the earth move with their deeds is a
highly spiritual, internalized calling. To a giantkin, “largeness” is a binary absolute that transcends physical size – one either is, or is not, a giant.

Ogre – Clothing and accessories that emphasize strength and size, either through athleticism, strength, or sheer
girth. Ogres accentuate their SCG with spikes, chains, skulls, and ostentatious colors that demand attention and
awe. They will go “all or none” when it comes to armor: either they will drown themselves in heavy armor and
become walking tanks, or they will deliberately bare their flesh to the enemy, daring them to even try to harm
them. Though they have relatively little in the way of physical mutation from human standards, almost all ogres
have tattoos, piercings, fierce brows and piercing, intimidating eyes.

Goliath – Goliath favor pared-down and rudimentary SCG, rudely patched and usually bloodstained and unclean,
meant only to keep them warm in the winter and dry in the rain. Goliaths are “caveman-like” in appearance, with
craggy brows, bulbous noses, knobby hands, and most especially large fangs or tusks that jut out from their lips.
They are the most monstrous of the Giantkin.

Titan – Modern or near-future renditions of “classical” looking garb, especially the kind that deliberately evokes the image of a Greek, Roman, or Hindu god. In fact, it wouldn’t be unusual for onlookers to assume that Zeus himself had donned combat armor and taken up an assault rifle. Titans have striking skin colors like gray, blue, red, or gold, and always have multiples or odd numbers of one or more human features – eyes, limbs, or even heads.

Mechanical Focus:
Giantkin - For the purpose of using higher grade equipment, all Giantkin are considered to have one level higher of
the skill Shield-Large than their total card set. If the Giantkin has zero uses of the skill, they are considered to have zero and not one.