With the faiths of the Utopia Descending universe being focused on the Spires, and days off and celebrations defined by corporations, there are only five primary holidays that are celebrated during the year. Minor holidays, based on when specific Spires are aligned to be the most predominant in the sky, function as secondary holidays that are tended to by the most religious. 

The holidays within the Utopia Descending universe are.

Summer Solstice - The most common ways of celebrating the Summer Solstice are by crafting massive altars to the Sun in large open fields. At night bonfires are burnt to "keep the day burning into the night". Other traditions include honoring the sun with gladiatorial conflict, competition of sport and athletics, massive meals that are traditionally very spicy, and taking vacations in sunny locations.

Fall Equinox - The most common ways of celebrating the Fall Equinox is the crafting lanterns and leaving them out in the evening with markings of preferred Spires etched into the lantern. Other traditions include sharing stories and tales of days gone past, humans dressing as their favorite Pillars and Pillars dressing as they were when they were human, massive meals with copious volumes of alcohol, and long celebrations of reckless abandon through the night.

Winter Solstice - The most common ways of celebrating the Winter Solstice include lighting candles (real or virtual) and removing all other forms of standard light. The tradition of embracing the darkness with dim lights, underground gathering places, and spending time praying to the spires while blindfolded are just as popular as leaving gifts for lost or fallen soldiers, visiting shrines for of one's ancestors, and the sharing of private and intimate moments with those closest to you.    

Spring Equinox - The most common ways of celebrating the Spring Equinox include the consumption of alcohols known as "Szierta". Szierta can be in the form of beers, wines, or whiskeys traditionally made by hand which are infused with a form of Ayahuasca. Other forms of celebration include performances, large risquee revelries, dance, and planting of new foliage. It is a tradition that for the two weeks before and the two weeks after the Spring Equinox no meats, fish, or animal products are consumed.

Fiscal Year End - A massive end of the fiscal year akin to old world New Years Eve where corporations lavish their successful Pillars with gifts, rewards, and promotions. It is customary during this time for all corp members to provide gifts to the ISTO as signs of goodwill and hard work.