The corporations that grew after the watershed of realities were awakened to a new world of potential. With military contracts becoming easier to access in the private sector, and entire new fields of technology becoming available via Reliquaries, the competition for advancement became fierce. With corporations hiring and investing in awakened Pillars nearly as fast as they were discovered the systems and organization foundations of each region needed to be improvised and adapted to the challenges and difficulties of each Lost Territory.

This institutions that were forged from this time of chaotic growth and unparalleled threat became the building blocks for the new mega-corporate universe. With interests spanning across media, weapons technology, medical technologies, and even space travel the mega corporations and their thousands of sub companies found profit in the survival of mankind.

Of all of the developments of the new corporate age, perhaps the least anticipate was the influence of reality television and viral marketing via the Lost Territories. Humanity needed to monitor the lost territories, but non-Pillar employees have very limited life spans in the Lost Territories. To adjust for this, remote drone video observation became the primary means of reporting and observation for the Lost Territories. These video feeds made immense stars of the Pillars fighting to defend humanity against those that came from beyond the veil of reality.

With reality entertainment based on the Lost Territories, advertisement and investment opportunities began to present themselves for Pillars who worked toward the interests of their mega-corp. Media advisors, hired to ensure the quality and drama levels of life in the Pillar communities, provided means of ensuring that Pillars present the best entertainment dollars possible while lessening the public’s exposure to the real threats of beyond the rifts. While the public enjoys the conflict, the passion, and the drama that is life on the fringe of the Lost Territories there is a concern for the mental wellbeing (and fiscal response) if a Pillar was seen when they are suffering from post-reconstitution stress. In addition, if a Lost Territory were to collapse, humanity does not need to witness the contingency plan that must be enacted if a territory were threatened to expand.