Spire: Leo

Star: Regulus
Realm: Regulus is the Spire that oversees kings, rulers, and commanders who lead with as much of their heart as they do with their mind. Impassioned, driven, and unrelenting commanders and social leaders ensure that the heart of the individual will lead and inspire the masses. Regulus is the favored Spire of those who operate primarily as lone wolves or unquestioned leaders of a military unit.
In the private sector, shrines to Regulus are given offerings by lords, “alpha” personas, and the incredibly rich. Some sectors of the less affluent see shrines to Regulus as the rich praying to remain rich, and showing their affluence via the offerings at their shrine.
Colors: Orange

Short Prayer: “Regulus, Lord of the Skies, heed our prayers! We who stand before you stand worthy of your strength, worthy of your wisdom, and worthy of your mantle of power. In this day and the days to come we shall prove that we are worthy of earning a place with you in the heavens. We will prove ourselves as deserving of your blessing as those that will stand forward and earn the day, forever to be in your sight.”

Common affirmative phrase: “Regulus give me strength.”

Traditional offerings: Onyx, sunflowers, wheat, gold

Zealot Groups:
The Pride: An extremist order represented by a lion crest, the Pride believes that weakness should not be coddled. The Pride believes that no person is, by default, deserving of love. Instead, the Pride believes that all aspects of rights, standing, and respect need to be proven on a regular basis. The Pride has little compassion for those that are not apex performers, and even care less for those who do not seek to aspire to their rank. The Pride uses complex rites of passage that are rumored to include secluded gatherings, gladiatorial combat in loin cloths, and tests of worth that involve life or death of the willing and unwilling.