Spire: Libra

Star: Zubeneschamali

Realm: The Spire of Zubeneschamali is the Spire that oversees the correction of injustices, the return of balance, and the focus of collaborative workings. The Spire of Zubeneschamali is often made offerings by entire teams in the Lost Territories, prayed to for complex or mission-vital operations, and given private shrines by individuals that work within the judiciary or tactical branches of Pillar hierarchy.
In the private sector, the Spire of Zubeneschamali is often worshiped by judges, corporate security officers, debt collectors, and certain sects of hitmen. 

Colors: Indigo 

Short Prayer: “For every action, there is a response. For every rise there is a fall. As the Spire Zubeneschamali oversees the debt and wealth of the world, let it find no debt in our soul. With the strength of the all-seeing we ensure all debts paid, all wrongs righted, and all injustices brought to light.”

Common affirmative phrase: “To all things there is a balance.”

Traditional offerings: Peridot, roses, bound ceremonial blades, nickel 

Zealot Groups:
Civility Service – A vigilante organization devoted to Zubeneschamali’s justice, the Civility Service is an illegal organization that at times walks the line between a militia and a terrorist organization. Focusing on small and large scale corrections of perceived injustice, members of the Civility Service have earned an undercurrent of support in the populous. While no one supports the Civility Service members that kill dozens and shut down a plant that is poisoning a community, they do support the group when management members who see themselves as above the law are beaten and tied up in public places.