Life in the Lost Territories

“Welcome to the zoo, the edge of reality where the almost-human fight against the inhuman for the future of all humanity rages. Sounds like nonsense, but the sooner you let that truth sink in, the sooner you will be able to adjust to living here."

"Let me tell you how some of this works, new kid. First off, your Corporation is the closest thing you have to a direct line to talking to the gods. Sure, you pray and make offerings, but the fact of the matter is that you can appease the gods and not get shit for support. IF you appease your Corporation, however, the gods on high may move out of the way so that grand-daddy Sponsor will drop off some high spread nightmare bursting rounds or at least some extra living comforts to enjoy. See, we are all living out here forever and then some. We live, we fight, we die, we get put back together, and we live again until the next fight. So the moments in between that sort of craziness are all we have to keep us sane and happy. What it’s all about is a good cup of tea, playing cards, occasional screwing around, and making sure that we have a little reprieve from the truth of fighting back the impossible." 

"And all of that living? Yeah, it’s good ratings. We are on camera damn near all the time, and the people back home love watching us as their newest form of Enhanced Reality TV. You make more of a presence, make more of an impact on camera, and you may get yourself a promotions gig. Maybe good old grandpappy Corporation sees you as someone to invest in to provide hope and inspiration back to the people watching from outside the Lost Territories. If you fight well, provide a good view, and make sure your product placement is in center camera then maybe you get to keep that soda or booze you are promoting."

"Because neither of those items are standard corporate military issue, and believe me when I say that they’re worth their weight in gold."

"So when you get yourself a few minutes out of the view of the camera, that is when you get to be you. Don’t crack on camera. Corporate marketing doesn’t like that. Don’t yell secrets into the camera. They will just cut feed. While they say the broadcast is live, truth is that it runs on a three-hour delay to allow for the government to censor it. Don’t make it over the top, or jump directly in front of the camera, the audience can smell a ham. And lastly, watch your ass around members of other corporations. While we are all fighting the same fight, you never know what kind of espionage jobs one of them have that involve you taking an extra trip to the reconstruction labs."

"And oh yeah… dying always hurts.”