Creating your own plots, story, and engagements for the downtime and for during active play is actively encouraged in the Utopia Descending universe. We encourage players to talk to one another to determine what kind of stories, engagement, and development they would like for their characters.

When creating your own story, be sure to consider the players around you who might also become engaged in the story you are creating. While you have a very specific vision that you may want, because you will be engaging other players, you need to be willing to adapt and shift YOUR story to become a SHARED story and consider the wants of others as well.While this means that not everything will go 100% how you originally intended, it does make a much more engaging and enriching experience due to the fact that the story will become something that multiple players will care about. 

Let's say you want to build your own story. Maybe your character wants to hack into a corporation’s page, blow up a fellow Pillar’s house, or host a weekly book club! Here’s some guidelines for you to follow when coming up with your next player driven plot.

First, why do we need guidelines? These guidelines are here to maintain continuity and help everyone enjoy the game to their fullest. This way we don’t have one Pillar creating a giant flood while another Pillar has created a drought all in the same are. This also helps protect players from any unwanted or impossible attacks (you might say you attacked them at home while they were on vacation without you knowing!)

Corporations: There are the big corporations, and the local corporations. 9/10 times you will be referring to your local corporation when coming up with any plot. If you plan to do anything involving the corporations that is something that you should speak with your director about. If you plan to just make posts about that corporation you are more than welcome to, but if you want to hack into them, break into a facility, etc you would need director approval. If you are asking your corporation for help such as funding, equipment, passwords for security access, etc that should also be sent to your director. If you are looking to hit the parent Mega-Corps (listed as THE CORPORATIONS above) you will need to work with your Director who will in turn work with the master story team for all of Utopia Descending.

Other Pillars: Before claiming you’ve attacked another pillar or destroyed their stuff, please speak with them first. You can work together to create the perfect story for what you want. If it is something you would like to keep anonymous, please reach out to your director so they can help coordinate everything.

The world: Before you decide you’re going to blow up an entire city, cause massive damage to gamespace, or create events that the rest of the world (or at least local news) would notice speak with your director. If you want to do something that has an impact on the population, mundane corporations, something so big you end up having repercussions speak with your director. If you want to introduce new materials into the world such as technologies, diseases, weapons, vehicles, or other concepts, again refer to your director so they can check in with the master story team for all of Utopia Descending. If you are just going to hang out somewhere and have casual rp/plot feel free to do so as you wish.

Real life: If you plan any meetups as your Pillars on your free time you can do that. If you want to live stream as your Pillar, you can do that. It wouldn’t hurt to give a quick update to your director, but it's not always necessary. If you plan a meetup that consists of more than just your friends, definitely give an update to your director. This way if any questions about your director team is not left in the dark when players start referring to events that happened at a social event that your director may not be at.

We want you to have the most fun you can possibly have with Utopia and creating your own plot. We will always try and find a way to work with you to make it happen no matter how insane your idea might be.

TLDR: Reach out to your director if you are unsure about something or if it will affect the world in some way