Maus Aktiengesellschaft

Main Corporate Office: Bonn, Germany

Click here to reach the   MAUS AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT   Facebook Media Page for company news.

Click here to reach the MAUS AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT
Facebook Media Page for company news.

Maus Aktiengesellschaft was born of the ashes of post-reconstruction West Germany in 1950 by an international group of interested businesspersons with the cooperation of the Allied governments. Eager to integrate the post-war German society into Western culture, Maus Aktiengesellschaft GmbH was modeled after the American “general store” concept to be a place where any need could be fulfilled, at as low a price as possible – the better to serve the needs of an impoverished post-war community and still turn a profit. Maus Aktiengesellschaft, or “Maus,” quickly established itself as a monopsony in West Germany, becoming literally the only place where most suppliers could be guaranteed to sell product and enabling Maus to dictate the prices it would pay, and in turn, sell to the public at. This unprecedented economic power spread quickly throughout Europe and into America. The result has become a global dependency on Maus “big box” superstores for common goods such as groceries, home electronics and domestic supplies, pharmacy needs, and automotive supplies.

Maus took its cue from American and Japanese investors, seeking to emulate the marketing success of the strongest corporations in their homelands. The result was “Onkel Wink,” a smiling man in a clean and sharp business suit, whose attention to detail and unfailingly cheerful, helpful attitude was set as an example to employees (“family members”) and customers (“guests”) alike. Uncle Wink, as he is more commonly known in a largely English-speaking world, acts as a benevolent, avuncular agent by which Maus has ruthlessly guided its corporate culture. Exhortations to “do it the way Uncle Wink would do it,” or to “keep smiling, like Uncle Wink,” have become a mantra for employees and for the people who depend on Maus for their daily needs. Conversely, “not being the person Uncle Wink knows you can be” is a real threat; no one trusts someone whom Uncle Wink can’t call a friend.

Uncle Wink’s unfailing attention to the outside world and far-reaching prescience regarding future needs and trends has led Maus to considerable interest in the Lost Territories. As magic has poured into the world, Maus has correctly predicted that the fantastic and otherworldly technologies and conveniences of existence beyond the Rifts will soon become tomorrow’s domestic necessities, and has spent a tremendous amount of money, influence, and effort in establishing researchers and acquisition agents among the metahuman population. Uncle Wink knows that his valued family members can do what must be done to make sure that the guests get everything they need.

Subsidiary Companies and Interests:
A private security company organized by Maus Aktiengesellschaft in order to protect and police the interests of Maus holdings. Onkelsoldat’s effectiveness comes from their use of light, concealable hardware, the better to blend in among customers and employees, thus ensuring a safe shopping experience without the overt threat of armed security ruining the mood. Family members feel very secure knowing that a Soldat might be among them at any time, keeping them safe from external threat and internal disagreementleaving them free to continue working hard like Uncle Wink knows they can.

Teapot: Inspiration goes in, steeps in hard work, and out pours innovation. That’s the motto of the Teapot, the technothaumaturgy research arm of Maus Aktiengesellschaft. Applications of magic in everyday life, making unfamiliar power accessible, and providing a standard of ease and affordable luxury in every guest’s daily routine is the goal. Side projects include military adaptation on a massive scale, for security concerns and to ensure the health and safety of not only Uncle Wink’s family members, but everyone not directly opposed to Maus interests.