Mechanics are purposely designed to be super simplified in Utopia Descending. With the design concept that games are more enjoyable when a player actually physically, and personally, engages themselves into their environment; we have taken a new skill approach with Utopia Descending.

In regards to combat skills, all players have access to the most rudimentary combat skills. You will see that on your Pillar card that every pillar has access to using basic blades, firearms, brawling combat, and shields. It is assumed that every character that has been assigned to a Lost Territory has received at least the most rudimentary training in combat and survival.

There are particular skills in regards to combat that are outlined on both Pillar and Profession cards that may only be used if you have the skill. These skills have been designed to be super simple, and, are augments to your natural skills. These skills are not intended to completely replace your own physical abilities, nor give you a complete advantage in combat.

In addition to combat skills, there are traditionally non-combat related skills. These skills are designed to allow a player to approach props and environments that are marked with out of character ‘Notification Cards’. Notification Cards will list a skill that is required to engage in a mini-game. If a player possesses the listed skill(s) then that player may attempt the mini-game once (or multiple times if the Notification Card states they may) to attempt to gain access to new information, materials, or situations.