Homo prognatus mortuum, “deathborn”

Humanity’s fear of death and the great unknown has long been matched with horror stories about
monsters that never quite made it to the other side, or worse, came back. Grisly revulsion creeps into the throat
and chills the spine when encountering images, scenarios, or deeds that the mind understands to be “unnatural”
– corpses that move, and men who eat the flesh of men. The dark magic of suggestion inherent in ritualized and
societal terror has crept into the bodies and souls of certain humans with a dark bent, and twisted them and their
progeny into the loathsome Mortuskin. Fortunately for the Mortuskin, the Lost Territories provide haven and
opportunity for every sort of monster willing to brave their dangers.

Hungerer: “Blood Drinkers.”
As still as the freshly dead, Hungerers cling to vestiges of a “normal” human life. The
intense silence of no longer hearing one’s own blood rushing through the vessels of the ears and the gripping
chill of skin that no longer carries the warmth of life weighs upon the minds of the Hungerers, and they reach out
with a frenzied fervor toward what they perceive as the very best pleasures of the living. Surrounding themselves
with living people and the trappings of a normal life, they drink deeply of life’s finest things – food, drink, sex, and revelry – but the darkest of the damned give in to the temptations of vampirism.

Mortus Shelled: “Flesh Eaters.”
Ghoulish and ghastly, the Mortus Shelled have sloughed off the fetters of life and
embraced their deathly nature to its fullest extent. A Mortus Shelled’s body is a ruined wreck of open wounds,
visible bone, and broken, fang-like teeth, and they make a mockery of life’s peculiarities and pleasures. Perversion, corruption, and destruction of social norms are sources of pleasure and fascination, and ruining a person’s carefully-built life is almost as sweet as stripping the flesh from their shattered corpse immediately afterward.

Brokenkind: “Spirit Tasters.”
The Brokenkind retain no remaining shreds of humanity; they are the wretched
form of walking death itself, taken shape before the eyes of the living as the personification of a nightmare. A
Brokenkind walks the earth solely to feast upon its life and transform it into death; they swallow magic to sustain
their forms, stir chaos like an anthill underfoot to observe the results, and dole out cruelty and kindness in equal measure, all to absorb the psychic and emotional energy from those touched by their icy hand. Even the mightiest of the living learn to fear those who walk beyond Death.

Common Aspects:
Mortuskin are not truly “undead” in the sense of having died and been restored to life, for that
description aptly depicts just about any metahuman who operates in the Lost Territories. Instead, all Mortuskin
share aspects of unlife that persist beyond having the body restored. Cold skin, broken or rotting flesh, a distaste for food coupled with a hunger for life itself, and a certain familiarity with the macabre, the supernatural, and the wicked bolster and empower the Mortuskin in ways that even other metahumans cannot or will not attempt to emulate.

Hungerer – Pale, ashen skin, pointed teeth, and sunken eyes dominate the appearance of a Hungerer; they should
look cold to the touch and bloodless. They wear standard SCG, but accentuate their clothes with finery and wellmaintained or extravagant equipment. They also prefer elegant, rich shades in their clothing. More than any other metahumans, Hungerers are attached to food, drink, and drugs, and often have these things on their person.
Blood stains on the mouth are common, if distasteful.

Mortus Shelled – Pared-down SCG that allows observers to see the extent of the ruination of their bodies. Mortus
Shelled want to be observed for the monsters they are – torn clothing with bloody gashes or spilled entrails,
jagged and bloodstained teeth, and eyes that have filmed over or even gone missing are common and reveled in.
Many Mortus Shelled add punk accessories to their outfits, such as spikes, leather, and band patches that reflect
their “screw the living” attitudes.

Brokenkind – Brokenkind should be obviously and quite visibly “terrible and unliving” in appearance: fully skeletal
when visible beneath clothing, or otherwise glowing, ghostly and transparent. Brokenkind wear clothing that
enhances their preferred means of drawing emotion from the living – veils, robes, and intimidating or enticing
garments that demand the fascinated attention of a potential source. The more easily a Brokenkind can be seen to
be a true phantasm, the better.

Mechanical Focus:
Mortuskin - For the purpose of using higher grade equipment, all Mortuskin are considered to have one level
higher of the skill Firearms than their total card set. If the Mortukin has zero uses of the skill, they are considered to have zero and not one.