In the year 2013 a massive watershed event occurred on the planet Earth which would shape and redesign the world as we know it. On January 12th, 2013 starting at 3:30 am EST a series of earthquakes were recorded across the globe. While most areas only reported minor activity, less than 3 on the Richter scale, a few locations suffered earthquakes that registered between 6 and 8 causing severe damage to local infrastructure.

In the midst of reporting and earthquake rescue efforts, details started trickling in from around the globe of strange occurrences. Hand held videos from phones, vacationers, and even professional reporters began recording what appeared to be red and blue hued rifts appearing above the ground. For nearly an hour these rifts simply existed, like two dimensional tears hanging on unseen walls. Suspended in the atmosphere, stretching across land masses, and even appearing in major cities these glowing abnormalities would be the messengers of world forever changed.

An hour after the initial reports of these rifts, pulses of force began to radiate out from within the rifts. Concussive strikes, sounding somewhere between a deafening gong and a sonic boom, caused massive damage for miles around the rifts. Buildings were shattered, mountains rend to rubble, and most people were instantly crushed beneath the unseen forces.

Some, however, survived. Those that survived witnessed a reawakening of the olden age, a return of creatures long since considered fantasy and folklore, in numbers that would be an invasive force suitable to overtake villages or lay siege to a reinforced battlement. The seeming confusion and disorganization of the returning old ones, combined with the military prowess of a combined Earths military, was able to stave off the invasion attempts as creatures surged out from the wasted terrain surrounding the portals.

An invasion of the Earth had begun however the alien invaders were the original masters of this planet. While the weakest and the smallest of those that surged through the portals were able to be put down by common means, larger and more deadly threats were found to be impervious to the munitions of the human military.

What was once a war of initial contact and survival has evolved into a conflict of ongoing threat. Hot spots known as the Lost Territories have been cordoned off within massive military hives. Massive military complexes, manned and operated by mega-conglomerate groups and members of the United Nations, have entrenched around the areas that are the most common occurrence sites for rifts. These locations, known as the 33 Lost Territories, are a combination of research and defense facilities that recover materials and data from these portals while defending the outside world from what truly does go bump in the night.

Individuals who volunteer or employed at the Lost Territories locations understand that undertaking a Lost Territories assignment is a permanent decision. The portals that the ancient ones return to the modern world not only allow strange fantastical creatures (almost all intent on destroying humanity) also quickly changes the physiology of those that are assigned to the Lost Territories. Some believe it to be a curse, however, more scientifically minded folk explain that the dimensional tears seep an energy that agitates and awakens dormant DNA within the locals. It would seem that in times long since forgotten, most humans have some link to these supernatural beings. 

Technology has advanced by leaps and bounds utilizing relics of the Old Ones, allowing individual corporations the ability to make massive advancement in air and space combat, weaponry systems, and to allow the corporate funded Pillars the ability to engage the threats against humanity on land, sea, air, and in the cold vacuum of space.


If the Pillars are to crumble, so shall fall the empire of humanity.