The Wheels of Change Are Moving

Every week for the next two months we will be releasing the primary source material for Utopia Descending via our web page. This will include world materials, details on all of the Pillars, the faith of the Spires, as well as our super simple rules and mechanic system. You probably have already seen that a number of corporation pages have appeared on Facebook, and have already started with technology and development updates for the public to view. 

But this is just the beginning. In June we will be hosting a Kickstarter for Utopia Descending to take this project from it's initial stages into becoming a pioneer of the next generation of interactive live experiences. In this kickstarter you, the would be players and game organizers, will be able to help us make the content of this game the best the world has ever seen. You will be helping us fund projects like extended world artwork, software application development, and extended world simulation materials. 

Rewards will be plentiful as well. From backers getting access to in character marketing materials, artwork, content, as well as the ability to buy in to host your own Utopia Descending chapter(s).


More Details Released

Welcome to the new year everyone!

Over the past week we have started showing you details of what to expect from Utopia Descending. We have given you sneak peaks at our three-tier Pillar system, outlined the concepts behind the worlds faiths, introduced the most general guidelines for the companies, and given you a glance at many of the new directions we are going in the "Breaking Traditions" section of the web site.

Over the next few months we will be putting finalized rule packets together for you as well as instructional videos. The reason why this next step is going to take a while is due to the fact that we are aiming to keep this system as rules light as possible while providing a dynamic environment for you to play in.

We also intend on releasing Utopia Descending as both a stand-alone and subscription based program for all you would-be game organizers out there. With this focus you will be able to have the autonomy to run your own flavor of game within the Utopia Descending world, the support provided from over 20 years of LARP organization experience, and subscription based adverting, tools, and resources that you can pick and choose to use to make your local Utopia Descending game(s) the best possible events that you could want to run.

From the creators desk I have to say that all of us here with Utopia Descending are very excited to get our finished product into your world. 


Art samples and world materials

Hello all!

Initial system designs are complete, and we are currently putting together drafts of graphic simple world settings materials and game play rules. We know that most people don't have time to read hundreds of pages of source material, so, we will be launching the pre-game with artistic renderings of samples of all of the Pillars (think races), simple rule system videos, and optional in depth world materials.

Combat and skill use will be in written format as well as explained in short video samples, and character creation is being designed to be a process done in seconds.

This winter we will be working on a large volume of our visual content, releasing details to the public starting just after the first of the year, and getting you ready to leap into the near modern science-fiction fantasy world of Utopia Descending. 

Completely Different Mechanical System Design Part 1

Prior to the release of the rule system to the public, we are providing some insights in regards to what we are doing that is vastly different than existing LARPs. Today we start looking into some of the unique aspects of Utopia's mechanical design system. 

Modular Character Design: Retraining

Taking inspiration from other projects we have worked on, Utopia Descending uses a modular character design system. What this means to the player is that while certain aspects of your character will be locked into place (all of the aspects that make your character a person), but many of the trained "profession" aspects of your character will be able to be changed between events.

This will allow players to fluctuate between different profession build templates as the players desire for different styles of play or experiences changes. This ability to fluctuate your character will allow you to keep core mechanical aspects while fluctuating between different specialized aspects of play without any mechanical detriment to the player or character. 

As an example, lets say you have been playing a character who focuses on close combat skill sets. You enjoy this style of play greatly, however, you can't help but hear how much fun the research and investigation skill set focus characters are having at an event. Wanting to try out this secondary style of play, you choose to keep your base combat skills but check into game focused into research and investigation. This will allow you the ability to play the game from another style of play's perspective.

If you find that you enjoy the close combat design aspect of game more, you can just switch back come next game. If you find that you really enjoy the research function of game, you can stay focused as research function. If you find that you want to try a different focus skill set the next event, that is available to you. 

Potential Software Connection

We are currently working with a number of software designers to have a Utopia Descending specific space combat software generated. This software would allow us to network a number of virtual screens together to create full immersion cockpits that players would be able to jump into for running space combat simulations.

While I do not believe that every single Utopia Descending will have the ability to support or provide this kind of resource, it is our goal to make licensing options available for larger branches. While this software is not a necessity for space combat (as it can be simulated using a number of mini-game techniques) we would like to be able to create as much of a full immersion environment as possible while raising the bar for LARP experiences to the next level.