Completely Different Mechanical System Design Part 1

Prior to the release of the rule system to the public, we are providing some insights in regards to what we are doing that is vastly different than existing LARPs. Today we start looking into some of the unique aspects of Utopia's mechanical design system. 

Modular Character Design: Retraining

Taking inspiration from other projects we have worked on, Utopia Descending uses a modular character design system. What this means to the player is that while certain aspects of your character will be locked into place (all of the aspects that make your character a person), but many of the trained "profession" aspects of your character will be able to be changed between events.

This will allow players to fluctuate between different profession build templates as the players desire for different styles of play or experiences changes. This ability to fluctuate your character will allow you to keep core mechanical aspects while fluctuating between different specialized aspects of play without any mechanical detriment to the player or character. 

As an example, lets say you have been playing a character who focuses on close combat skill sets. You enjoy this style of play greatly, however, you can't help but hear how much fun the research and investigation skill set focus characters are having at an event. Wanting to try out this secondary style of play, you choose to keep your base combat skills but check into game focused into research and investigation. This will allow you the ability to play the game from another style of play's perspective.

If you find that you enjoy the close combat design aspect of game more, you can just switch back come next game. If you find that you really enjoy the research function of game, you can stay focused as research function. If you find that you want to try a different focus skill set the next event, that is available to you.