More Details Released

Welcome to the new year everyone!

Over the past week we have started showing you details of what to expect from Utopia Descending. We have given you sneak peaks at our three-tier Pillar system, outlined the concepts behind the worlds faiths, introduced the most general guidelines for the companies, and given you a glance at many of the new directions we are going in the "Breaking Traditions" section of the web site.

Over the next few months we will be putting finalized rule packets together for you as well as instructional videos. The reason why this next step is going to take a while is due to the fact that we are aiming to keep this system as rules light as possible while providing a dynamic environment for you to play in.

We also intend on releasing Utopia Descending as both a stand-alone and subscription based program for all you would-be game organizers out there. With this focus you will be able to have the autonomy to run your own flavor of game within the Utopia Descending world, the support provided from over 20 years of LARP organization experience, and subscription based adverting, tools, and resources that you can pick and choose to use to make your local Utopia Descending game(s) the best possible events that you could want to run.

From the creators desk I have to say that all of us here with Utopia Descending are very excited to get our finished product into your world.