The Wheels of Change Are Moving

Every week for the next two months we will be releasing the primary source material for Utopia Descending via our web page. This will include world materials, details on all of the Pillars, the faith of the Spires, as well as our super simple rules and mechanic system. You probably have already seen that a number of corporation pages have appeared on Facebook, and have already started with technology and development updates for the public to view. 

But this is just the beginning. In June we will be hosting a Kickstarter for Utopia Descending to take this project from it's initial stages into becoming a pioneer of the next generation of interactive live experiences. In this kickstarter you, the would be players and game organizers, will be able to help us make the content of this game the best the world has ever seen. You will be helping us fund projects like extended world artwork, software application development, and extended world simulation materials. 

Rewards will be plentiful as well. From backers getting access to in character marketing materials, artwork, content, as well as the ability to buy in to host your own Utopia Descending chapter(s).