Mechanics and other updates

Here are some quick updates from the tiny document that handles mechanics. 

1) Thrown weapons now do 2 damage to the torso and all limbs. This is to make up for the limited range and use vs damage output.

2) Experience point growth has been clarified since it conflicted on two pages on the web page (a 2016 page and a 2017 page). It has been clarified in the rules document. 


Network Updates

UD MA added to the event listing. The first date is booked. 

Outline for how official online tabletops work for events has been added to the rulebook under the XP section.

MA specific corps have been added to the character creation section. 

Character database updates completed.


General Updates

Tier Two professions have entered beta-testing. The first four professions are under review:

Astrocist - Space engagement download with a focus on Firearms, Piloting, Astronavigation, and Engineering

Therma-Lancer – Aether focused shock troop focusing on the skills Aether Discharge, Enhanced Movement, Florentine Fighting, and Critical Immolation

Socialite – Media mogul focused on increasing finances and attention with the skills Research, Supply Manipulation, Quartermaster Influence, and Media Coverup

Thumper – Heavy firearm and ship combat based focus with the skills Firearms, Piloting, Demolitions, and Heavy Weapons Systems