Second Set of Tier Two Professions

As the mechanics testing for the Tier Two Professions continues, we figured we would give you a glimpse at the second half of the Tier Two options we are currently looking at. Between the first and second wave, the majority of the Tier Two Professions being workshopped have been announced. There are two others in the works that are in their initial stage, that we will talk about sometime later.

Without further ado: 

Impact Exorcist – Dealing with the non-tangible with less than zero subtlety, the Impact Exorcist has a focus on Demolitions, Aether Discharge, Research, and Void Manipulation

Specialist – Not your run of the mill day to day combat expert but instead the person you tap for very specific work, a Specialist focuses on specific targets with a focus on Enhanced Movement, Larceny, Lethal Hands, and Terminal Strike. 

Void Scout – Leaving your physical form and sending an astral presence is capable through the magic of nanotech thought merger. Void Scouts are mostly intangible save for Aether discharges, and function as some of the best eyes in the field. Scouting focus on Research, Decryption, Aether Scouting, and Phase Shift. 

Operations Leader – When your indirect involvement has direct results, the Operations Lead download focuses on First Aid, Piloting, Firearms, and Remote Asset Support