Two Character Logistics and Utopia Descending

Players are able to have a maximum of TWO registered characters at their home game by standard. These characters must never interact with each other, actively avoid story arcs that include one another, and be different enough that players would never be confused regarding what character you are playing. Having different focuses, Corporations, Pillars, Spires, sources of interest, and details relating to the character is paramount.

When checking in for an event, players are checking in for a single character. There are options for players to check in multiple characters at an event, but since character “power growth” is based more on player attendance over time instead of character attendance, players should only check in secondary characters if they wish to play a second character at an event. The reason for needing to register playing a second character is that when a player brings a second character to an event, a player is nearly doubling the work the support staff needs to handle at each event for story and database management.

In the instance that a character is reaching a point where a conflict of interests could occur it is the requirement of a player to remove one of their characters from the engagement. Situations such as two corporations being in active warfare with each other and a story arc that could influence how you as a player act based on information your characters have separately is a good example of when you should remove one of your characters from the engagement.

To communicate this conflict to other players and to allow healthy character steering, simply say “I don’t think I can get involved with this. I am going to be on corporate assignment for so long that I am not going to be able to get involved and it would conflict with my orders.” Players hearing this sort of in character discussion, or are informed of this out of character, should respect and thank the player for removing themselves from a scenario. Being adult enough to identify when your engagement could cause conflicts of interest, and being able to remove yourself, is vital for healthy roleplay scenarios.

How to have more than two characters on file.

Players are allowed to register a third, able to travel, character at their home game as well as register additional character at neighboring, and different, Utopia Descending chapters with the purchase of an “And One” yearly membership. With each additional character your games have a larger volume of work that they need to do for creating story, plot, and tracking your characters information. When buying a “And One Membership” you may have a third travel character on file at your home game or choose another Utopia Descending chapter outside of your home chapter where you would like to have another character registered.

“And One Membership” characters from outside your home game are restricted to only local play at the chapters they have been added to and cannot travel outside of their local game.   

Standard Player - Two characters based out of the home game. Every player has a home game who handles their character and player needs. 

"And One Membership" purchased for home game - A third character may be purchased for a home game with a yearly fee.

"And One Membership" purchased for a travel game - An additional character may be stored at another game chapter that is not a players home game, and will be tracked by the travel game's staff. 

"And One Membership" purchased for home game and an additional "And One Membership" purchased for a travel game - Three characters will be on file at the players home game as long as they have a local assigned "And One Membership" and a fourth character will be stored at the travel game (non local game). 

Moving Characters from one chapter to another

Sometimes players move or find that due to life (or game preferences) they need to change what their home game is. Changing home games results in the player's characters to be demoted and reassigned to local equivalent corporations. During a transfer players may work with the new staff and their old staff to have a story event occur where their character could be transferred across corporations as well.

When characters transfer, they must turn in all chits to their old game and get new chits from the game they are going to. Players will gain chits that are appropriate to the local wealth level of their game (since the style of chits are a currency assigned to a single game and only used by that game). Players need to turn all item cards over to their NEW GAME so that their new Director can determine what items are appropriate for the new local chapter. 

When a player moves from one game to another, there is a $20 fee involved that is paid to the game that the player is leaving. This covers the time, effort, and few hours of work that the leaving game needs to do for a player to ensure that things are handled smoothly. 

Players cannot transfer their characters more than three times in a single year. 


Traveling Characters

Your two primary characters at your home game can travel to any Utopia Descending chapter currently in good standing as long as the player of that character is allowed to attend the local Utopia Descending game. Each game is ran by a local company, and that company does have the right to refuse service based on player activity as well as based on their need to ensure the safety of their player base. Players being refused serviced will be informed that they are being refused service by the local game owners, and be told why.

Otherwise, the two characters you have at your home game are able to travel without restriction. If you would like a third character at another game (or at your home game), you will need to buy an "And One" membership for each additional character each year. While there is no limit to the number of "And One" characters a person can register, they do need to be paid for yearly to keep these characters active and on file.