Spire: Ophiuchus

Star: Ophiuchi

Realm: The realm of the Spire Ophiuchi lies in the void of non-existence. While many of the Spires embrace aspects of life, process, and the natural being of existence, the very nature of the realm of the Spire Ophiuchi lies in non-existence. It is the realm of non-action, and the embracing of nothingness and the void as a means to comprehend that which is beyond the borders and boundaries of mortal comprehension. The realm of the Spire of Ophiuchi is the not realm of not-death, but instead not-life. The realm of the Spire of Ophiuchi is not in the destruction of existence, but in the areas and places where existence simply is not. The realm of the Spire of Ophiuchi is in the potential of nothingness. 
In the private sector, shrines to Ophiuchi are primarily observed in areas of extreme devotion to the removal of wants, desires, and influences of the outside world. Meditation chambers where sensory deprivation removes influence from the outside world, locations of stark nothingness, and secluded shrines of vast emptiness.  

Colors: Black

Short Prayer: “I am not. I know not. I did not. I will not. I am now free. All praise to the Void. May the Spire of Ophiuchi stand vigilant over the eternal darkness between all of the stars.”

Common affirmative phrase: “What has happened has not truly existed.”

Traditional offerings: Imilac pallasite, fuchsii fuchsii, a striking bell.

Zealot Groups:
<No Name> - It is said that there are extremist worshipers of the blessings of Ophiuchi; however, despite the world evolving the most developed worldwide internet information system that has ever existed, no reliable information about this group can be found. Speculation and rumor states that these individuals embrace complete nihilism in both their life and in the greater being of existence. Everyone knows a person who knew a person who once heard about an Ophiuchi devotee who spoke of extinction as the only true blessing, but finding reliable details about a greater sect of these devotees is neigh impossible.