Spire: Pisces

Star: Eta Piscium

Realm: The realm of Eta Piscium is the realm of the idealist and the devoted. The spirit to do what is right because it is the right thing, to work hard because it is needed, and to be humble in our participation of the great story of the universe are all qualities that are valued in this Spire. Pillars in the Lost Territories that leave offerings to Eta Piscium truly understand the necessity to dedicate yourself to the focus and drive of a unit, even at the expense of one’s self. The shrines of Eta Piscium are often visited when someone has been reminded to be humble, or when others are in need of an awakening. 
In the private sector, the Spire of Eta Piscium has shrines set up in nearly every floor of every building of every Mega-Corporation. Inspiring corporations and employees to work for the betterment of the whole instead of individual aspiration, these shrines are the inspirational icons of the laboring class.

Colors: Sea Green

Short Prayer: “I am nothing, therefore I am one with everything. As one breath I will not change the world, but if in the eyes of Eta Piscium we were to all breathe together, we could blow the fires away from the sun. I am but a small part of this universe, and yet this universe is only perceived from where I am because I exist. I am and yet I am not.”

Common affirmative phrase: “In unity we are strong.”

Traditional offerings: Amethyst, water lily, singing bowl, tungsten

Zealot Groups:
Bienenstock – The most devoted of the Eta Piscium have given up all sense of self, and have accepted the concept of a unified life to an exceptional level of devotion. While the Bienenstock start by removing all reference to first person pronouns from their lives, the progress of self-identity destruction continues at a rapid pace. The devotee begins the legal process and social process of removing their name and identifying aspects of individuality from their lives. Heads are completely shaved, clothes are completely neutral and lack any adornment, and strong opinions and thoughts are muted. Most Bienenstock take up residence in low-cost sleeping tubes to prevent themselves from having any need to own material goods with which they could define a sense of being. The Bienenstock, when elevated as a full member of their cult-like society, have erased themselves as a personal identity and have completely embraced the concept of “for the greater good.”