Religion, for many people, is a sensitive subject. The matter of real faiths in regards to the real world provides us a subject in which people will have a varied degree of comfort in interaction with in regards to a game setting, never the less in the real world. With different groups of religious extremists, different levels of sensitivity, and conflicting religious doctrine we here at Utopia Descending have taken the following approach in regards to Religion and Faith in the Utopia Descending world setting:

We do not use real religions, we do not reference real religions, and we will not allow players nor non-player characters to be focused or use real world religions as part of a character identity. These areas of interaction are outside what we would like to engage in this game.

In its place, we have crafted a polytheistic culture where both Pillars and Humans find themselves making offerings to a number of benevolent beings reported to exist beyond the rift, fighting to help humanity thrive. The general public worship or leave offering to a number of these Spires (the gods of the polytheistic culture), however, it is not uncommon for individuals to find themselves emotionally and philosophically more devoted to one Spire than another.

With the faiths based on the ancients who moved and shaped the stars within the sky, parallels will be found between the names of the constellations and historic or modern faiths of the human species. This is due to the fact that in the history of mankind there the relation between the unending space and the sky was remembered, but, we named the stars and constellations after the mythology of the people. With the faiths of Utopia Descending, the faiths are not related to the original names of the constellations save for the reference to the imagery of stars and the name we have applied to that image.

As dedication to faith often causes zealotry, each Spire has a few named devoted factions listed with short descriptions. It is up to the individual game to determine how the localized culture of the individual devotees effect the Lost Territories that a play engages in. There are, for networked games, additional source and resource materials routinely released for the individual Spires and zealot sects.