Spire: Sagittarius

Star: Arkab

Realm: The Spire of Arkab oversees much in the way of growth in spirit, mind, and body. A pillar of health, growth, and rebirth, the Spire of Arkab is most commonly found around areas near Regeneration chambers. Arkab is the Spire of Pillars who have seen too much, who need guidance in the darkness, or who are attempting to find a new way to serve interests in the Lost Territories. Those who embrace the spirit of the Spire of Arkab are the most attentive students and compassionate listeners. 

In the private sector, the most devoted followers of the Spire of Arkab are found in places of holistic healing, in the homes of professional Terpsichorean, and in places where consorts live. 


Colors: Purple


Short Prayer: “Spire Arkab, allow me a moment to fend respite for my head. My body is weary from my labors, my heart is heavy with the sorrows of others, and my hands are tired from the earnest labors of my day. Allow me a moment to find the resolve to bring compassion to my enemies, kindness to those in need, and to serve those around me as I would wish to be served.” 


Common affirmative phrase: “By the grace of Arkab.”


Traditional offerings: Blue Topaz, narcissus, tag dolls, tin


Zealot Groups:

The Passive Will: The Passive Will believe in non-violence as the soul virtue of Arkab—with extremist dedication. Committing themselves to alleviating suffering in all things, and eager to teach others to do the same, the Passive Will dedicate themselves to an ultra-low environmental impact life. The Passive Will see the duration of their life as a weight on the universe as a whole, and pray that they are somehow capable of balancing the debt of their existence before being given the mercy of death. Members of the Passive Will see their very existence as a weight upon the world to be lifted.