Spire: Scorpio

Star: Antares

Realm: The Spire Antares is the Spire which burns the brightest and is the most unforgiving.  As the “heart of the scorpion,” Antares is the Spire that one turns to in the name of wrath, anger, vengeance, and unending passion. There is no restriction to the actions that one may take in dedication to the Spire Antares as long as those actions are followed unfettered and unapologetically. The Spire of Antares will teach that one must take actions for results, but also teaches that we must accept the repercussions of our actions.

In the private sector, the Spire Antares is given offerings in private, and is not a celebrated Spire in many cultures. As a focus of anger, wrath, and vengeance, it’s often a Spire for those that intend to go against corporate law and take action into their own hands.


Colors: Crimson


Short Prayer: “Antares, wash my hands in light as I drown them in the darkness that is now needed. Gone is the time of temperance. Gone is the place for retrospect. Now is the time for me to embody the catalyst of change. Antares, empower my will. Gift me with the opportunity to be my own agent of fate.”


Common affirmative phrase: “Antares, witness me now.”


Traditional offerings: Beryl, frankincense, blood offerings, titanium


Zealot Groups:

Zer – An assassin’s organization that asks no questions, accepts no payment, and washes their hands and souls with blood. The Zer observe shrines to Antares, can be found in the darkest of hidden back rooms, and are the tele-number that high ranking Mega-Corp members never want to have to call. Each day the Zer practice their cover, their techniques, and their devotion to embodying the wrath of Antares. Many Zer leave trophies at the altar of Antares after a successful hit or on the anniversary of successful bloodshed.