Please take a few minutes to fill out your information, your characters information, and then answer some quick questions to let your storytellers have a better understanding of what it is that you would like to get out of a Utopia Descending experience. While the vast majority of engagement for a Pillar is based on a player choosing to engage, by answering these questions to the best of your ability we can have a wide reading of what it is that our overall community is looking for.

Players Name *
Players Name
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Characters Name *
Characters Name
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Player Experience Survey *
Player Experience Survey
Please answer the following statements to give us a better idea of what interests you have as a player with this character.
I love engaging in social events and online RP
I love action, but not combat, experiences.
I love active, fast paced, combat experiences.
I love free form role-playing based on character relationships.
I love free form role-playing based on politics and simulated economics.
I love research, puzzles, and brain bending game experiences.
I love scenarios that focus on moral conflicts of interest.
I love intense, passionate, emotionally driven role-play.
I love organizing groups, structures, and networks in game.
I love tangible interactive gaming challenges that push my dexterity and reflexes.
I love tangible interactive gaming challenges that push my core physical strength and athletic ability.
I love doing as little physical engagement as possible and prefer to engage socially.
I love Character versus Character conflict.
I love Character versus Environment (NPC) conflict.
I love there to be no conflict, since it gets in the way of my personally driven story and plots.
I love being able to pick and choose what I engage in with OOC transparency outlining the details of what a scenario will provide.
I love being surprised and having no idea when or how things are going on until they do.
I love post-game decompression and socializing.
I love role-play that explores faith, religion, and spirituality.