Spire: Taurus

Star: Aldebaran

Realm: Aldebaran is the patron Spire of those who protect or ensure the wellbeing of others and need to make decisions that affect the security of all people—including themselves. The realm of Aldebaran is the realm of the pragmatist and the path of vigilance. Warriors who are focused more on long-term gain instead of surviving a single conflict, are given the responsibilities of ensuring the safety of their unit, or are given command over a number of troops seek the blessing of security from Aldebaran. In the private sector, Aldebaran is given offerings by those seeking to ensure the longevity of their responsibilities with tempered growth. Engineers, long-term corporate planners, and individuals that work in security sectors often keep shrines to Aldebaran.

Color: Hunter Green


Short Prayer: “Aldebaran, on whose shoulders the world’s weight is carried, hear my prayer. May I not falter in my watch, may my wards be provided for, and may my efforts withstand any storms that may come. Allow me the clarity to see what must be done, and the will to see it through to the end.”

Common affirmative phrase: “Guide us, your shepherds.”

Traditional offerings: Sapphires, poppies, woven locks of hair, copper bars.

Zealot Groups: Children of the Unconquered Sun – The Children of the Unconquered Sun believe that by the will of Aldebaran, they are chosen to rule the future at birth. Many mid-to high-level corporate leaders are rumored to be members of this secret illuminati organization of economic and social world shapers.