Tırtıl Komandit Şirketi         

(tir-til kom-hand-dit shur-khet)

Main Corporate Office:     Zonguldak, Turkey

Click here to reach the TIRTIL KOMANDIT ŞIRKETI Facebook Media Page for company news.

Click here to reach the TIRTIL KOMANDIT ŞIRKETI Facebook Media Page for company news.

Originally a flat steel production company that opened its doors in 1965, this Turkish company was one of the largest iron and steel production companies in the world. At the turn of the century, Tırtıl Komandit Şirketi made major moves that unified a number of Turkish business interests by diversifying into construction, technology, and chemical research and development. By the end of the turn of the century Tırtıl Komandit Şirketi made Turkey one of the largest players in the mega-corporate global playing field.

After the eruption of the Looking Glass rifts, Tırtıl Komandit Şirketi was one of the first corporations to adapt their corporate structure to the new age. Tırtıl Komandit Şirketi immediately began using their existing industrial design technologies to develop new defense equipment for the Pillars, and was the premier developer of the first Dark Matter Defense Systems.

While Tırtıl Komandit Şirketi advanced in mechanical advancements, they lacked a foothold in the media and marketing spheres of interests that was needed for unquestioned domination of the Lost Territories’ investment fields. Soon, other corporations were developing their own variants of the Dark Matter Defense Systems, Hard Light Technologies, and were far ahead of Tırtıl Komandit Şirketi in the field of media and information control. 

Surprising many investors, this industrial mega-corporation engaged in an aggressive buy and divide corporate tactic in a number of seemingly completely new and unrelated fields. Purchasing large food, home cosmetic, and over the counter medication production companies, Tırtıl Komandit Şirketi has pushed itself headlong into home good productions. While many economists believed this was an act of over-diversification, the synergy of industrial production plants helped apply mass production (and newly developed food enhancement chemicals) to already well-known household names.

Subsidiary Companies and Interests: 

Mantar Chemicals – Originally an industrial chemical processes research and development company, Mantar Chemicals has generated trillions of dollars for Tırtıl Komandit Şirketi with their new development of home- and consumable-use chemicals. Print on demand foodstuffs, meal replacement inhalants, and sensory enhanced teas have put Mantar Chemicals as the engine behind Tırtıl Komandit Şirketi’s success. 

Nargile Development – The driving force behind the birth of Tırtıl Komandit Şirketi, Nargile Development focuses on the production of equipment used by Pillars in the Lost Territories. Nargile Development is the most directly invested sub-corporation of Tırtıl Komandit Şirketi in Lost Territory activities. The Nargile Development Company spearheaded the Military Privatization Act, as well as the Crafted Rights Limitation Act which allows companies to have private militaries and consider anything (or anyone) created in nano-regeneration chambers to be property instead of individuals with rights.

Çiçek Corporations – This conglomerate corporation houses the most recent acquisitions of Tırtıl Komandit Şirketi. Covering every pre-packaged food source from Dum-Yum Inhalant Meals to Ultra-Kick-O Drink products, the Çiçek Corporations handle much of the marketing and advertising issues that Tırtıl Komandit Şirketi used to face. While everyone has heard of Tırtıl Komandit Şirketi, everyone buys Çiçek Corporations’ products.