Homo prognatus silvestris, “wildborn”

Long before an English philologist cemented his specific concept of elves, dwarves, and fairy folk into popular culture, human culture had given those names to the things that went bump in the night as means of explaining unfamiliar and often-terrifying phenomena in their world. Wild, dark, primeval and as cruel as nature itself, the Underfolk draw their lineage from the ancient “elves” and “fairies” that stalked the darkness just beyond the campfire, waiting for humanity to let its guard down and be preyed upon.

Spriteling: “Wild Minded.”
Wild and primal souls shelled in an almost-human frame, Spritelings are odd and out of place in the modern, corporate world following the Watershed Event, and they feel that oddness deep in their spirits. A spriteling is a creature of idiosyncrasies and strange rituals, and although their talents may be useful, their company can be trying for creatures more in tune with civilized life. A Spriteling is most at home when they are in the field, among their own kind or alone with nature.

Goblyn: “Chaos Born.”
Goblyns are obviously Different, and revel in the out-of-place nature of their chaotic and savage spirits. Sometimes hideously ugly, sometimes ethereally beautiful, and always lurking in the dim darkness at the edge of society and consciousness alike, Goblyns take what they want when they want it, and are rarely squeamish about leaving behind only tears, rage, and bloodstains.

Sylvan: “Burning Soul.”
They are the embodiments of the primeval heart of nature itself, walking among lesser beings without care for the obstacles in their way. Sylvans represent magic as it pours forth from the things not understood in nature, and each Sylvan is themselves a patron of some aspect of nature itself, whether that is an animal, a tree, or a concept. Sylvans do not hide behind masks and have little patience for mortal affairs; they seek only to gather power and knowledge, and thereby become ever more of an embodiment of nature and their aspect of it.

Common Aspects:
Underfolk revel in wild mystery, and their natures are often capricious, cruel, and covetous. They tend to stay out of sight, preferring to keep to themselves or to their own kind, and treat intrusion on their private affairs with absolutely no mercy. Underfolk are sometimes physically small or even frail in stature, but do not lack in martial prowess. Most Underfolk, especially those that stray farther along the monstrous end of their Pillar, possess an inherent and innate gift for the channeling of aether into magic.

SpritelingStandard SCG with alterations that shroud the body or alter its appearance, like cloaks, baggy clothing, and heavy scarves. Camouflaging colors like dark greens, blues, greys, and traditional military camo are preferred. Spritelings wear or carry fetishes and tokens, like bones, crystals, feathers, and old coins, and each item carried has a personal significance that rarely shares commonality with another Spriteling. Spritelings appear human, but may have a touch of wildness about them, most commonly in the form of pointed, elf-like ears.

Goblyn More often than not, clad in skins, fur, and raw leather on top of modern military clothing, or often stained with old blood. Goblyns have long, pointed ears, unnaturally colored eyes, and small pointed or curled horns, and they frequently grow fur on their arms and legs. Cloven hooves in place of feet are not unheard of. They would feel far more out of place without fresh meat to gnaw or a bone to chew and pick their teeth with, and trophies from the strange and outlandish creatures they have slain and eaten are prolific.

SylvanSylvans are obviously otherworldly at even the most token of glances. Most commonly, a Sylvan’s form blends animal and plant parts into a humanoid form, such as deer antlers and vines or flowers blooming from pale, ghostly skin, or elongated, deer-like faces with black, eyeless sockets and bark for skin. They are not obviously any specific animal, unlike a Chimera – they instead should appear to be the walking embodiment of the entire concept of “animal.” Clothing is an afterthought to a sylvan unless any particular article of clothing holds special significance to any specific sylvan. (Please use good judgment and wear clothing that is appropriate for the weather, good taste, and decency.)


Mechanical Focus:
Underfolk - For the purpose of using higher grade equipment, all Underfolk are considered to have one level higher of the skill Melee – Small than their total card set. If the Underfolk has zero uses of the skill, they are considered to have zero and not one.