Spire: Virgo

Star: Porrima

Realm: Porrima is the Spire which oversees knowledge, wisdom, and health. The Spire most looked to by researchers, field medics, and doctors, Porrima provides those who pray to this Spire with keen insight as well as the ability to handle more delicate operations and gestures. Porrima is a Spire not often sought after in the field of battle until it becomes urgent to keep death at bay.

In the private sector, Porrima has shrines in most schools, hospitals, and libraries. Often the favored Spire of students, Porrima is given offerings in hopes of guiding the hand of a doctor who is tending to a loved one. 


Colors: Navy Blue


Short Prayer: “Mother Porrima, please hear our prayer. Ours is a world born of conflict, raised by conflict, and steeped in conflict. But only by your patience, knowledge, and wisdom may we seek to survive. Ours is a world of suffering, forged so by our own hands, that is in need of your compassion and guidance. Mother Porrima, guide our hearts and minds so that we may be the tools of temperance and good will.”


Common affirmative phrase: “Porrima, watch over us.”


Traditional offerings: Carnelian, morning Glory, rain water, platinum


Zealot Groups:

Last Watch: The most devoted followers of Porrima are a minimalistic order known as the Last Watch. The Last Watch believes that as the most dedicated followers of Porrima they have the responsibility to give, even unto a point when it could ensure self-destruction. Removing one’s self as a variable that needs to be saved, provided for, or concerned for ensures that nearly every member of the Last Watch eventually becomes a martyr. With age, the longest lived members of the Last Watch will refuse to drink, eat, or take resources that could be used to save others. This form of self-denial results in a slow and suffered death.