Waking up the inner god

The first instances of Pillar awakening was on January 12th, 2013.

The events which nearly drove humanity to extinction was the same series of events which caused the rebirth of humanities greatest hope: the Looking Glass Rifts. As the tones sounded which leveled cities and scarred the landscape, as threats began to step into our world from beyond, millions of people died and were turned to ashes in the initial contact.

Within that rubble, moments after the Rifts began, the first of the Pillars stood up from the ashes of shattered societies. They were changed, confused, and surrounded by a sea of destruction. It is a miracle that the Pillars of the first days survived long enough for immortality technology to be developed.

As the years have moved on an ever increasing number of people have had their latent Pillar DNA awakened. The onset is not triggered at any one age, but instead by interacting with concentrations of Aetherical stimulus. With this cause and effect in mind people of all ages have transitioned into Pillars. Children, adults, and even the most senior of our population have felt the change within their soul, and then witnessed the growing change in their body after getting too close to a Looking Glass Incident.

Now Pillars themselves seem to be having Pillar children. With intermingling of Pillar DNA and the increase of Aetherical presence continuing from the Lost Territories, most scientists predict that we will see the evolution or reawakening of deeper Pillars in the coming years. 

Awakening the inner god is not all glory, however. Pillars are legally required to reside within marked areas within the corporate zones near Lost Territories. Pillars, being the equivalent of living weapons of mass destruction, are monitored and sequestered from humanity by both corporate and ISTO efforts. A finger gesture from a Pillar into the torso of a human is often times enough to cave a persons chest in. A punch from a Pillar can collapse non-military designed buildings. Most weapons are incapable of even slowing down a Pillar, so human and Pillar interactions are very uncommon. Only human support staff and human employees within controlled zones may interact with Pillars on a day to day basis, which does add to the "elite star status" of the Pillars.