About Skills

Skills are abilities that augment what it is that you, as a person, are capable of doing as to represent a higher degree of specialization and training that your character possesses. Skills are not intended to be a crux to completely remove the skills and abilities of the player, but instead intended to augment a players actual learned skills. This does mean that people who actually train, practice, and look to become better at the skills they will use regularly at game will excel in those areas. Players who regularly give their brain stimulation in regards to puzzles and problem solving skills will do better in fields that involve research, investigation, and problem solving. Players that practice their ranged combat or near combat skills will find themselves being able to excel in combat related areas.

As skills are intended to be augmentations to a players actual abilities instead of a simulation or replacement of real world skill sets, unfortunately this game is not geared toward allow for skills to augment or allow for interacting that a person is physically, socially, or mentally unable to do. With this in mind, any person who participates in a Utopia Descending event should be someone who is capable of involving themselves in the experience while ensuring their own safety as well as the safety of those around them. Individuals unable to participate in all aspects of the game experience without endangering themselves or endangering other people should not participate until such a time where they are capable of ensuring the safety and involvement of all involved.

Skills are of two general categories: Expended Skills and Requirement Skills. As you read the skill descriptions understand that certain skills are only able to be used a limited number of times during a duration of time for every time a skill appears on a players cards. In addition, certain skills function as requirements for being able to engage or use particular contact safe weapons or engage in particular modular scenarios. This second set of skills are Requirement Skills. Requirement Skills function for as long as a player has a card with the Skill listed.

It should be noted that particular items that are crafted in game, in particular augmented weapons and shielding, have a requirement for the user to have MULTIPLE of a particular Requirement Skill. As an example, shields have a limited size. Players with the Engineering skill are able to produce an item that has a Requisition Slip, say in this instance a fully powered tower shield. However, for someone to be able to use this item they may need to have a total of 2 or 3 cards that have the “Large Shield” skill on it to be able to use this item while out on an away mission (module).