Learning the Arcane: Inactive Skills

In Utopia Descending there are a number of skills which require having a specific profession to utilize. Skills such as tracking, research, or combat skills require a player to have a particular skill to be able to engage in certain situations or to utilize unique mechanics. In addition to these active skills, there are a number of Inactive Skills that require players to invest time and effort instead of having a character skill that is written on a Profession Card. Skills such as ancient languages, lore’s, and alchemical mutation require the player to actually learn and decrypt languages, learn information, and remember alchemical interactions to be able to interact with these story elements.

As an example, there are a number of custom languages that have been created for Utopia Descending that exist on object from beyond the veil. These languages have a series of letters that have symbols that exist only in the Utopia Descending universe. For a player to be able to read and decrypt these words the player (not the character) actually needs to learn to decrypt these languages. Just like with any language, once one person decrypts the language, there is absolutely no reason why a translation key couldn’t be produced by players and provided to others.

However, to continue with our example, once a player learns to decrypt a language that player has access to this information regardless of what character they are playing. The player, who has learned these details in reality, is allowed to carry this information from character to character IF THEY CHOOSE TO.

While a player may transfer their knowledge of these Inactive Skills from character to character, they may not transfer private information specific to other players or a localized game. Names of characters, secrets, and other personal information that is not plot and world specific may not be transferred from character to character.

As an example, Rebecca plays the character Uxeria. Eventually, Rebecca decides that she wants to end the story of Uxeria and play a new character. During her time playing Uxeria, Rebecca became rather skilled at translating ancient goblyn script without using a decryption key. Since Rebecca has learned how to crack one of our fictional languages, the new character Rebecca makes will be allowed to have the knowledge of translating ancient goblyn script.

Rebecca’s character Uxeria also knew that the local Resource Manager for her company is easily bribed, and, secretly has been embezzling resources from their company for personal profit. This information is a personal and direct detail that Rebecca’s former character had learned, and not a skill that Rebecca herself had to learn for the sake of play. With this in mind, Rebecca’s new character cannot know in game that the local Resource Manager is slimy without learning these details in character again.