Utopia Descending is a game produced by the brains of the Imagine Nation collective.  Originally designed and created by Michael Pucci (Dystopia Rising, Chronos, Project: Paradigm, I AM ZOMBIE).   


Utopia Descending is a modern industrial fantasy LARP.  A Live Action Role Playing game, Utopia Descending breaks almost all of the tropes of Fantasy LARP by creating new universes, adding modern themes, and integrating techniques primarily used in Alternate Reality Games.  Don't know what most of that means?  No problem. All you need to understand is that Utopia Descending is making something fun, that takes very little to get into, and offers a new experience that you can control how much time and focus you want to invest into the hobby.


Because we are nerds who love being active, traveling, having adventures, and getting out into the world to experience new and strange things.  Gaming is a medium to learn new skills, meet new people, and have adventures.  


The Imagine Nation Collective sells Utopia Descending start-up kits.  If you are interested in running Utopia Descending as a local business, all you need to do is purchase one of the kits.  Our kit includes nearly all of the hard materials that someone would need to host their own Utopia Descending event, plus has a suggested start-up sheet for localized operation.

At that point a local game could take those materials and craft their own universe using the tools we provide.

Another option for the local game is to purchase a subscription to the Utopia Descending Subscription. What the subscription does is give a game organizer the ability to access an ever growing resource pool which includes character tracking software, promotion on the Utopia Descending game site, involvement in ongoing augmented reality games, access to Utopia Descending convention events, an ever growing database of creature and world resources, plus the opportunity to be a part of an ongoing published world story line.

More Details?

Utopia Descending is looking at a mid 2016 launch date. As details are finalized, more and more information will be released to this page. This includes mechanical design, character types, and items that are being created unique to the Utopia Descending universe.