Homo prognatus draconis “dragonborn”

No other myth in the history of humanity has had more commonality among the tribes of the world than that of the dragon. Every culture shares legends of massive, serpentine beasts, taking what they want from the land with no regard for lesser creatures save as food or amusement. The Wyrmborne share genetic coding with these shape-changing supernatural creatures. Drakes, dragons, wyrms, and other forms of massive, scaled and clawed beasts are all sub-genus of the origins of the Wyrmborne Pillar.

Naga – “Born of Nobility.”
Regal and polished, Naga are set above the common masses from head to toe. The Naga are the knights of dragonkind, and every move they make is calculated to impress, intimidate, and impel. Naga delight in the thrill of the chase, and making power plays and political or corporate games come as naturally to them as breathing. They are the most humanlike of the Wyrmborne, save for the occasional pointed tooth, clawed finger, or serpentine gesture.

Wyvern – “Master in the Making.”
Wyvern are the gatherers of great wealth, delicious secrets, and devious machinations. Because Wyrmborne believe in meritocracy, and the more draconic a Wyrmborne is the more merit they have, Wyverns are naturally gifted with opportunity and develop a taste for opulence quite readily. Wyvern have a number of pointed teeth, sharpened claws for fingers, serpent-colored flesh, and occasionally slotted or serpent eyes.

Behemoth – “The Great Beasts.”
A Behemoth is nothing short of a true dragon, walking among lesser mortals in the shape of a man. Exquisitely dressed and polished, these manipulative social engineers engender global change with massive spheres of influence and pools of opulence. The Behemoth have claws, sharp teeth, serpent eyes, scales, horns, frills, and colorful homes filled with other worldly wealth. There is no higher master of the land than a Behemoth, and everyone who associates with one would do well to bear that in mind or risk the wrath of a dragon.

Common Aspects:
Despite extreme variances in size, shape, and color between one Wyrmborne and the next, all Wyrmborne share two key points of ethos. The first, and most important, is the idea of “being a dragon.” Dragons are the true masters of the world, rulers of magic, and owners of all wealth and power – the more of a dragon one is, the better they are on a fundamental, moral level. Secondly and as corollary: the more power one amasses, the more of a dragon one is. Wyrmborne are natural leaders, and relish the kingly trappings of worldly wealth and power.



Naga – Immaculate clothing, even when wearing basic soldier’s SCG with boots shined, and attention to detail. Splendor and elegance are tools of manipulation and command. Any armor worn will be obviously, ostentatiously expensive, and represents the absolute finest that any country or corporation can buy. Naga are often well-trimmed with coiffed hair – think “presidential,” or perhaps “dictatorial.” Naga are the most human-like of the Wyrmborne, with only the occasional sharpened nail or pointed tooth giving away their inhuman heritage.

Wyvern – Clothed similarly to their Naga brethren, but distinguished from them with clawed fingers, slotted, catlike eyes, pointed carnivore teeth, and serpent-colored skin of brilliant hues. Wyverns revel in their striking features, and display themselves proudly, like strutting peacocks. Material possessions are cherished and hoarded, and it is rare to see a Wyvern without their latest, most fashionable, and likely commercially-sponsored accessories and communication devices.

Behemoth - Absolutely the 0.1%. Clawed, sharp-toothed, with serpentine eyes, and gleaming scales layered over colored skin, along with lizard-like brow ridges, great horns extending from the skull, and sometimes even long serpent tails or vestigial wings. Jewelry and ornamentation are common, as a Behemoth wishes to present themselves as “old money” as possible. A mix of physically imposing and frightening, and existentially awesome – a Behemoth should exude the power to not only tear an aggressor apart physically, but also to dismantle their life, destroy their family, and erase them from existence.

Mechanical Focus:

Wyrmborne - For the purpose of using higher grade equipment, all Wyrmborne are considered to have one level higher of the skill Florentine  than their total card set. If the Wyrmborne has zero uses of the skill, they are considered to have zero and not one.